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Tamiya TNX 5.2R

> Win A $2,629 Suped-Up RC Truck

RC Car Action is having another give away - they're calling it 'Project Aftershock.' It's a crazy looking Team Losi RC truck, and all you really have to do is send an e-mail to someone with your name, number and mailing address. Click here for more information.

> Tamiya TNX 5.2R Review

The Tamiya TNX 5.2R has come to new heights since Tamiya first launched the TNX series in mid 2004. The older TNX 3.0 was heavier, had air leaks in the fuel tank, and generally was a lot weaker. Now, the new and improved TNX 5.2R is loaded, at 1/8th scale and from 2-speed transmission to super tough steel drive shafts, this thing will blow your mind. It's contenting for top spot for 2007's best gas powered monster truck, with good reason. But what makes this RC monster truck so great? Lets take a look at some of the pros and cons of the TNX 5.2R, although, there's not very much negatives to say about this mean machine!

Read the full Tamiya TNX 5.2R review.

> New JP Racing Engine - FX21 R9.S

I always like to see new engine's being released - all that really means is faster, better, more efficient, better cooling and more power! You can read full specs (click on the pdf link to read the full review) here.

Various RC News

> New Team Associated Brushless Motor

Team associated just released a brand new electric brushless motor - the LRP Vector X-11. It promises to be one of the best brushless motors out there, so you might want to check this motor out if you've been looking to upgrade to a better one. You can read more about it here

> RC Expo!

In just a few days RCX will begin. For those of you that don't know, RCX is the world's biggest radio control expo - promising to cover all the latest in the RC world. It's taking place from March 31st - April 1, 2007 in Pomona, CA. If you're in or around the area, it's a definite 'must see' event. You can read more info here.

> Nitro vs Electric RC Cars - Who Wins?

Generally, Electric RC Cars are slower than nitro. That's just when you're buying stock from hobby shops, etc. BUT, if you're an RC racer, then electric can mean way faster speeds... RC Driver magazine has an article published that puts these two head to head. So which one's better? Click here to find out!

HPI Firestorm 10T

> HPI Firestorm Review Now Up!

Just uploaded the HPI Firestorm review. No pictures as of yet, but you can check out videos of it. Here's a sneak peak:

Fresh from the factory, the HPI Firestorm 10T is HPI's newest addition to the RC market. This baby rings in at about $275 and bound to be one of the baddest 2WD nitro stadium trucks around. To give you a better idea of what the Firestorm has to offer, we've compiled a review to see if the newest addition to HPI's line-up is worth your hard-earned cash. So lets start off by looking at the best aspects of the newbie to the RC scene...

Read more on the HPI Firestorm

> Top 10 RC Cars and Trucks Of 2007

I made a list of the top 10 RC cars and trucks of 2007 over at Squidoo. The page isn't complete yet, just a rough draft so far - but soon there will be pictures and videos on there. Check out the Top 10 RC Cars and Trucks of 2007.

> Website Update

1. There have been changes to our Traxxas T-Maxx, HPI Savage and HPI Savage X reviews to include pro and cons, etc. All our reviews will be undergoing updates - to help you make better buying decisions.

2. There's a new review of the HPI Savage 4.6 SS Kit.

3. We'll also be adding an RC Buggies section, a Mini and Micro RC Car section, and aRC Glossary section - as well as made improvements to our right hand navigation bar for easier and more efficient browsing of our site.

More news for tomorrow! Have a great night.

Tamiya TXT-1

> Want To Know Which RC Buggies Are Best?

The guys over are Xtreme RC Cars Magazine made this awesome video testing out all the best RC buggies on the market. Want to know which ones come out on top? Check out this video. Check XRC's site here.

> Tamiya TXT-1 Review

The Tamiya TXT-1 is a mean and ruthless truck from Tamiya USA. TXT stands for Tamiya extreme truck. The power, the body, the heavy duty chassis all are pure 'extremes' when compared to ordinary puny monster trucks. Straight from stock, the Tamiya TXT-1 looks as if it's been modified by a pro - Tamiya has definitely pulled out all the stops on this 4x4. Here we'll outline some of the pros and cons, and you can also see pictures and videos of the TXT-1 in action!

Read more on the Tamiya TXT-1.

> Website Update

Our RC Car Videos page has been updated with:

CEN Racing Videos
Team Associated Videos
RC Crash Videos
Tamiya Videos
and Kyosho Videos... Check them out!

Also, big updates coming soon to the website - All reviews, articles, etc are being spruced up with pictures, videos, pros vs cons, and other great information! Stay tuned!

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Duratrax Nitro Evader Bx

> International Hobby Shops

I've been getting some e-mails about places that ship to Canada or internationally. I've added a new shop (Trendtimes) to our RC Hobby Shop review section, so for those of you looking for a good selection of RC products that will actually get to your area - check it out!

> Duratrax Nitro Evader Bx Review

The Duratrax Nitro Evader Bx comes with a combination of quality hardware within a factory-built package and is complete with support equipment, which enables even beginners to get on to the track instantly. This first grade ready-to-run (RTR) buggy also offers its users perks such as fuel bottle, a glow igniter, instructional video, and one-year warranty for breakage on almost all the crucial parts.

Read more on the Duratrax Nitro Evader Bx.

> Best and Fastest RC Cars and Trucks

We've updated many of our reviews and articles to include more pictures, videos and content. Check out the Best RC Cars and the Fastest RC Cars articles.

> Traxxas Revo 3.3 Video

This is on my 'to get' list - I absolutely love the Revo!!

Top 10 RC Car Drift Videos

> Latest Online RC Deals

Hobbytron is offering 30% off all clearance items, so you might want to check out those deals before those products go out of stock. There's also been some recent price drops, as well as free shipping offers on all the latest RC products - including the Traxxas Revo. You can check out more deals here.

> Team Associated Nitro TC3 Review Article

When ‘Team Associated’ started off as ‘Associated Electrical’ about 50 years back, little did they know that they would be one of the biggest and best companies ever to manufacture RC cars. From manufacturing slot cars all the way to technologically advanced RC cars, team associated has come a long way. But what has remained constant over all these years is their commitment towards excellence.

Read more on the pros and cons of the Team Associated Nitro TC3.

> Top 10 RC Car Drifting Videos

#10 RC Car Drift Video

#9 RC Car Drift Video

#8 RC Car Drift Video

#7 RC Car Drift Video

#6 RC Car Drift Video

#5 RC Car Drift Video

#4 RC Car Drift Video

#3 RC Car Drift Video

#2 RC Car Drift Video

#1 RC Car Drift Video

Check out more RC Car Drift Videos

1/6th Scale RC Monster Trucks

> Website Update

I'll be posting articles on a daily basis now. I will post a snippet of the article in the blog, and then if you'd like you can go and read the rest on the site. All articles will have pictures and videos included - depending on availability of course :).

> 1/6th Scale RC Monster Truck Article

Face it... there's a limited number of 1/6 scale RC monster trucks out there that can lay claim to being best in their class. So, sifting through these limited choices and getting the best bang for your buck is a top priority.

Some of the best 1/6 scale RC monster trucks in the marketplace include...

Read more about 1/6th Scale RC Monster Trucks

> World's Fastest RC Car - 134.4 MPH

Yesterday's post I mentioned a guy trying to build an RC car that can go 200 MPH. Well, here's a video of the fastest rc car as of right now (no help included like the video in yesterday's post!)

Fastest RC Cars

> RC Car Action's Reader's Choice Awards

Are you passionate about just one RC vehicle? Do you think it's the BEST? Well, why not let other people know you feel that way! On March 15th, 2007, RC Car Action's readers choice award will end. So if you haven't already gone and voted for your best/favorite rc cars, trucks and drivers - go do so now here. Better hurry, you only have till Thursday. Oh, I forgot to mention one thing - you can win the winning car or truck!!! (or driver? just joking.) - so there's some incentive for you. Go Go!

> RC Car Action's Fastest RC Car Challenge

Other news from RC Car Action - last year they held 'RC Car Action's Fastest RC Car Challenge' - the same is happening this year, with the same rules and all. You can check out the rules here. This year though, there's some fierce competition. People are trying to build RC cars that can go 200 mph!!

Like for example this guy Nick. He's trying to build an RC car that can go 200 mph. You can check out his blog. He's getting most of his supplies donated from companies, and seems to know what he's doing. He also has some cool videos at the bottom of his blog of other really fast rc cars - so go check it out.

> 200 MPH RC Car Video!
Here's a video of a an RC nitro car going 200 mph. It looks absolutely crazy fast - but, let's see that thing go 200 mph WITHOUT any help at the start like these guys do it - the whole 'wind up' thing in my eyes seems kind of cheap - so for me I wouldn't say that this thing can do 200 MPH on its own... but it's pretty cool either way. Enjoy!

New HPI Racing Kit

> New Nitro RS4 3 18SS+ Supersport Kit From HPI Racing

HPI Racing released a new version of their RS4 kit - the RS4 3 18SS+ Supersport. The + basically means it has cool classic body shells that you can get with it.

It's more durable, with many of the of the parts made of hard metal, all attached to a solid aluminum chassis. The drivetrain is extra durable now too, keeping dirt and rocks and that type of thing away from the gears.

The car can reach speeds of 81+ km/h, so if you're looking for a fast kit to assemble, I think this one's worth a look. Click here to check out the full details.

> Website Update

The website is coming along great. There's going to be some great new changes to a few articles on the site. All the reviews are going to be re-done to include pro and con features, as well as videos and pictures included in EVERY review done at Everything RC Cars.

Also, a 'how-to' section and FAQ page will be updated shortly with some great tips on nitro engine tuning, etc.

The comparison page will be updated with some great new comparisons, all on one page so you can see the pro and cons of each vehicle without having to browse to different pages of the site.

An RC Glossary is going to be added, so for those of you that are new to RC and don't really understand the 'lingo' - you can check out the terms to get familiar so you don't feel so lost :)

That's just a few things - I don't want to give away too much, as we have some great things in store for our visitors!

> Video Of An RC Car Jumping a House!

I don't know how many of you have seen this, but this is one great RC video. I'll let it speak for itself!!

RC Racing

> RC Racing In Vegas Baby!

Ever been to Las Vegas? I can tell you, it's one fun place to be at - especially when it's hot out. Do you need an excuse to go to Vegas? Well, if you're a racer (and have extra cash lying around) - Team Losi is having their off road championships next month.

Date: April 25th-29th
Registration Cost: $45
Registration Deadline: April 1st

The event is sponsored by RC Car Action and Cutting Edge Indoor RC - and you just KNOW there's going to be some great prizes available. You can learn more about it at Team Losi's website here.

> HPI Hellfire Video

Here's a cool video of some guy racing around his HPI Hellfire - Enjoy!

> RC Car Racing Video - European Finals

For those of you that don't really know what RC racing is all about, you can check out this video to see how its really done.

Win a Free RC Car

> Want A Free RC Car?

You heard me! Been wanting a new RC car but can't afford one? Well, HPI is offering over $2000 + worth of products - just for filling out a simple survey on their site. You gotta be 18 or older, so maybe get your parents to fill it out for you if you're under 18. Deadline is May 31st, so there's a lot of time left. Top prize is an HPI Savage X!! One of the best monster trucks out there. Other prizes include a Sprint 2 dfirt car, the new HPI Firestorm (see video below) and other cool stuff - go check it out!

Fill out the survey here

> HPI Firestorm Video

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the HPI Firestorm in action!!

> HPI Savage X Video

Here's a cool video (also top prize of the HPI survey) of some guys jumping their Savage's on a nice sunny day - Enjoy!

Vroom Vroom!

Hey there,

February has been a crazy month, I just moved into a new place and got all settled in so I'll have a lot more time for the blog!

> HPI Baja 5B Video

Let's start off with this video of the HPI Baja 5B. This thing is incredible and is a shame that I haven't had the honour to drive one yet. Just watch the huge jumps this thing can take!! The cleaning on these machines doesn't seem to be too bad, but I would recommend a good cleaning after every other use. Think of RC cars like a normal car, minus the expense haha. Anyway, on to the video...

Pretty cool? I think so too. Check out more on the HPI Baja 5B.

> Quick Tip:

Having problems with your engine? Give it a good cleaning! The best way to do that is to clear the engine by doing the following:

1. First off, raise the idle to ¼ turn. This will help stop the engine from stalling. (The idle screw and not the low-end needle)

2. Wait until the engine temp reaches up to about 145-150 degrees.

3. Richen (turn to the left) the top end screw by a full turn.

4. Hold the carburetor wide open, continue richening (turning left) the top end until the engine comes close to stalling (you should be able to hear it cutting out). This should flush out all the nasty dirt, oil and grime that get stuck in the carburetor and engine.

You might also consider tighting all the screws and bolts, replacing old fuel, etc.

> Website News:

We've added a bunch of videos into the video section now. See videos the HPI firestorm, rc drift cars, rc car racing, rc car crashes & stunts and a lot more. Check out these rc car videos now!

A lot more FAQs will be added shortly. Battery info, engine tuning tips - you name, it will be there so look for that soon.

That's all for now, more updates coming regularly. Talk to you all soon!