1/6th Scale RC Monster Trucks

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I'll be posting articles on a daily basis now. I will post a snippet of the article in the blog, and then if you'd like you can go and read the rest on the site. All articles will have pictures and videos included - depending on availability of course :).

> 1/6th Scale RC Monster Truck Article

Face it... there's a limited number of 1/6 scale RC monster trucks out there that can lay claim to being best in their class. So, sifting through these limited choices and getting the best bang for your buck is a top priority.

Some of the best 1/6 scale RC monster trucks in the marketplace include...

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> World's Fastest RC Car - 134.4 MPH

Yesterday's post I mentioned a guy trying to build an RC car that can go 200 MPH. Well, here's a video of the fastest rc car as of right now (no help included like the video in yesterday's post!)