Fastest RC Cars

> RC Car Action's Reader's Choice Awards

Are you passionate about just one RC vehicle? Do you think it's the BEST? Well, why not let other people know you feel that way! On March 15th, 2007, RC Car Action's readers choice award will end. So if you haven't already gone and voted for your best/favorite rc cars, trucks and drivers - go do so now here. Better hurry, you only have till Thursday. Oh, I forgot to mention one thing - you can win the winning car or truck!!! (or driver? just joking.) - so there's some incentive for you. Go Go!

> RC Car Action's Fastest RC Car Challenge

Other news from RC Car Action - last year they held 'RC Car Action's Fastest RC Car Challenge' - the same is happening this year, with the same rules and all. You can check out the rules here. This year though, there's some fierce competition. People are trying to build RC cars that can go 200 mph!!

Like for example this guy Nick. He's trying to build an RC car that can go 200 mph. You can check out his blog. He's getting most of his supplies donated from companies, and seems to know what he's doing. He also has some cool videos at the bottom of his blog of other really fast rc cars - so go check it out.

> 200 MPH RC Car Video!
Here's a video of a an RC nitro car going 200 mph. It looks absolutely crazy fast - but, let's see that thing go 200 mph WITHOUT any help at the start like these guys do it - the whole 'wind up' thing in my eyes seems kind of cheap - so for me I wouldn't say that this thing can do 200 MPH on its own... but it's pretty cool either way. Enjoy!