New HPI Racing Kit

> New Nitro RS4 3 18SS+ Supersport Kit From HPI Racing

HPI Racing released a new version of their RS4 kit - the RS4 3 18SS+ Supersport. The + basically means it has cool classic body shells that you can get with it.

It's more durable, with many of the of the parts made of hard metal, all attached to a solid aluminum chassis. The drivetrain is extra durable now too, keeping dirt and rocks and that type of thing away from the gears.

The car can reach speeds of 81+ km/h, so if you're looking for a fast kit to assemble, I think this one's worth a look. Click here to check out the full details.

> Website Update

The website is coming along great. There's going to be some great new changes to a few articles on the site. All the reviews are going to be re-done to include pro and con features, as well as videos and pictures included in EVERY review done at Everything RC Cars.

Also, a 'how-to' section and FAQ page will be updated shortly with some great tips on nitro engine tuning, etc.

The comparison page will be updated with some great new comparisons, all on one page so you can see the pro and cons of each vehicle without having to browse to different pages of the site.

An RC Glossary is going to be added, so for those of you that are new to RC and don't really understand the 'lingo' - you can check out the terms to get familiar so you don't feel so lost :)

That's just a few things - I don't want to give away too much, as we have some great things in store for our visitors!

> Video Of An RC Car Jumping a House!

I don't know how many of you have seen this, but this is one great RC video. I'll let it speak for itself!!