Tamiya TNX 5.2R

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RC Car Action is having another give away - they're calling it 'Project Aftershock.' It's a crazy looking Team Losi RC truck, and all you really have to do is send an e-mail to someone with your name, number and mailing address. Click here for more information.

> Tamiya TNX 5.2R Review

The Tamiya TNX 5.2R has come to new heights since Tamiya first launched the TNX series in mid 2004. The older TNX 3.0 was heavier, had air leaks in the fuel tank, and generally was a lot weaker. Now, the new and improved TNX 5.2R is loaded, at 1/8th scale and from 2-speed transmission to super tough steel drive shafts, this thing will blow your mind. It's contenting for top spot for 2007's best gas powered monster truck, with good reason. But what makes this RC monster truck so great? Lets take a look at some of the pros and cons of the TNX 5.2R, although, there's not very much negatives to say about this mean machine!

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> New JP Racing Engine - FX21 R9.S

I always like to see new engine's being released - all that really means is faster, better, more efficient, better cooling and more power! You can read full specs (click on the pdf link to read the full review) here.