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February has been a crazy month, I just moved into a new place and got all settled in so I'll have a lot more time for the blog!

> HPI Baja 5B Video

Let's start off with this video of the HPI Baja 5B. This thing is incredible and is a shame that I haven't had the honour to drive one yet. Just watch the huge jumps this thing can take!! The cleaning on these machines doesn't seem to be too bad, but I would recommend a good cleaning after every other use. Think of RC cars like a normal car, minus the expense haha. Anyway, on to the video...

Pretty cool? I think so too. Check out more on the HPI Baja 5B.

> Quick Tip:

Having problems with your engine? Give it a good cleaning! The best way to do that is to clear the engine by doing the following:

1. First off, raise the idle to ¼ turn. This will help stop the engine from stalling. (The idle screw and not the low-end needle)

2. Wait until the engine temp reaches up to about 145-150 degrees.

3. Richen (turn to the left) the top end screw by a full turn.

4. Hold the carburetor wide open, continue richening (turning left) the top end until the engine comes close to stalling (you should be able to hear it cutting out). This should flush out all the nasty dirt, oil and grime that get stuck in the carburetor and engine.

You might also consider tighting all the screws and bolts, replacing old fuel, etc.

> Website News:

We've added a bunch of videos into the video section now. See videos the HPI firestorm, rc drift cars, rc car racing, rc car crashes & stunts and a lot more. Check out these rc car videos now!

A lot more FAQs will be added shortly. Battery info, engine tuning tips - you name, it will be there so look for that soon.

That's all for now, more updates coming regularly. Talk to you all soon!