Duratrax Nitro Evader ST

> RC Car Videos Issue

I've been getting e-mails that say that all our RC videos are not showing on the page anymore. At first, I had this same issue, but after rebooting my computer, all the videos are there again.

On a side note from RC cars, supposedly the 'code' that is most commonly used to embed videos has been copywrited by microsoft off some other company. Now, everyone is going to have to update the way they put videos on their site sometime soon. At first I thought that's what happened to the videos on our site, but apparently it's all good for the time being. Companies, always fighting over something - eventually we'll all be one big 'global corp', and they will make the best RC cars around! ha ha. Anyway, here's an article about the whole video thing if you're interested in this silly legal battle.

So to answer your questions, please reboot, the videos will be there :)

> Pictures From RCX 2007

As you know, the end of March/ beginning of april was the RC Expo, and now RC Car Action has put up some pics of the event if you're curious to see what goes on at an event like this. Maybe this will pursuade you to go next year! Check em out here.

> Duratrax Nitro Evader ST Review Now Up!

At 1/10th scale, the Duratrax Nitro Evader ST has all the makings of a great beginner truck. Duratrax really knows how to take care of their drivers, because when you get the Evader, you've already got everything you need to get running. There's nothing worse then getting a new RC vehicle, and you're sitting there for two or more hours trying to figure out how to get the darn machine operational! It comes with a video on how to get started, so for those of you who are bad with instructions, just watch and learn. Here we're going to outline some of the pro and cons for the vehicle, as well as show you pictures and videos of it racing around in action!

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> New RC Drifting Video

Here's a brand new drifting video of some guy just havin fun and messin around. By the end of it he actually does some cool stuff with it.