Detailed Product Description

An original four cylinder fn motorcycle circa 1906/07. This motorcycle is in good solid condition. The motor in the bike it is said was done up years ago and turns freely with compression, not running and some parts loosely bolted together the motor in the bike is a later and may date from around 1909-10? And not the correct model engine for the the frame and cycle parts which date from circa 1906/07 (frame# on head stem is 17771). There are the major components of an earlier up side down magneto motor supplied with magneto and correct carburetor with crankcase nos b 1649 50 that is around the same year as the frame. Some parts are missing eg....... One pedal, fn oil pump (has best and lloyd drip sight glass) brake pedal and small fittings. Frame top tube looks to have been modenised and very well done many years ago and the rear rim replaced, the handle bars may be early triumph. A correct copy rear stand and carrier are also supplied. While this bike is not totally original and running and will need restoration, it is the basis of an interesting motorcycle that in this condition are becoming very difficult to obtain, a true piece of motorcycling

Model No.: FN MOTORCYCLE CIRCA 1906/07
Product Origin: Indonesia
Brand Name: FN 1906/07