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Girls Pubic tattoos
Girls Pubic tattoos
Girls Pubic tattoos



2008 1/8 Buggy World Championships

> 2008 1/8th Scale Buggy World Championships

One of my most favorite events of the year is the Buggy worlds. As much as I love on-road racing, there's something about the dirt and the jumps that get me with off-road racing. This year's IFMAR Buggy world's will be from Sept 15-21st, and will be hed at the Farm 2 Raceway in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you're a big RC fan, then this is a must attend event! You'll see all the major movers and shakers in the RC industry there, and I was suprised to see that OFNA got the sponsorship for the 2008 Buggy worlds. This will most likely boost their competition against other major brands, as well as showcase their products to the world.

> Newsletter + Chance to WIN A FREE RC TRUCK!

In the next couple of days, we'll be launching our bi-monthly newsletter here at When signing up, you'll automatically be elligable to WIN A FREE TRAXXAS T-MAXX 3.3!! Pictures of the T-Maxx, as well as details will be posted shortly.

> RC Car Jumps 3 Cars!

Check out this video of these dudes jumping their RC vehicle across 3 real cars! Pretty insane! *Caution: Swearing*

Long Time No Update!

It's been awhile! I've been away the past couple months attending to some family emergencies, but now I'm back and ready to roll!

> New Velineon Power System by Traxxas!

Traxxas just came out with a new brushless power system that can reach speeds over 70mph! It's pretty revolutionary technology and it's compatible with brushed, brushless, and sensored brushless motors.

The Velineon VXL-3s ESC and the Velineon 3500 Brushless Motor is sure to be top competitors and is bought for roughly $300 USD. You can watch a video traxxas has set up here to see all the cool features they have.

> RC Video of an HPI Savage With Some Fireworks Attached!

This is hilarious. Some guys attach some fireworks to their Savage - do not attempt! (or do, it's really up to you!)