RC Planet + RC Battery Tips

> RC Planet

Whenever we talk about new products such as brushless systems, new nitro engines, etc, most people wonder - where do I get those latest gadgets? Well, that's why we've added RC Planet to our list of online RC merchants. RC Planet sells everything you will ever need to keep your new RC customized, upgraded and running as best as it possibly can. Also, RC Planet has a great selection of all the newest vehicles, as well as combo deals. For those of you that live out of the USA, you can finally get the best RC vehicles and equipment shipped to you since they ship internationally - like their name says, RC Planet.

> Factory Replacements + Performance Upgrades

What RC Planet is known for. If you just bought a new RC and you're already needing parts, chances are you're going to find what you need at RC Planet. You can get replacements and upgrades for EACH brand and their individual products (ex: Traxxas Revo, Jato, HPI Savage, etc.). Find brands and models such as:

  • Associated
  • HPI
  • Mugen
  • OFNA
  • Traxxas
  • CEN
  • Kyosho
  • Losi
  • & many many many more

> Tires + Wheels

Sedan, Monster Truck, Buggy, 1/8, 1/18th, Brand tires such as Traxxas Jato, Tire glue, etc.

> Tools + Bags

Everything you'd need - from adhesives to lubricants to painting equipment.

> Nitro Engines + Electric Motors

.12 to .46 nitro engines, boat, airplane and helicopter engines. Also major brand engines for HPI, Traxxas, etc. Brushless motors, heatsinks, you name it.

> Radio Systems

Pistol grips of all kinds, radio receivers (plane + cars), servos, electronic speed controllers, etc.

> Fuel & Accessories

Cleaner, glow plugs, oil, fuel, temperature gauges, starter kits, etc.

> Bodies & Paint

Bodies for all types latest brand name cars, buggies and trucks. Get paint, supplies, and everything you'll need to be a pro customer designer.

> Batteries + Chargers

All the latest advanced battery chargers available. Find all types of batteries, from lithium to NiCad.

So, check out RC Planet for all your part & upgrade needs.

> Battery Storage + Care Tips

If you're racing every other week, you won't have to worry about any storage - but when race season ends, then it’s time to cool down the RC until next year. If you have ever opened a battery compartment of some other device only to notice that there is goop leaking all over, you know the importance of battery care. RC models are no different, so be sure to remove all the batteries that are used in your setup. This also includes the batteries used in your radio and the receiver. This will be the one time that charging will not be an issue. No sense charging these before storage as they will soon discharge anyway. It is better to discharge your batteries and store them “dead”. Even a fully discharged pack will retain about a 1v charge throughout the storage. One recommendation is to store them in the fridge, but NOT the freezer. This will prevent failure due to excess temperatures, especially those higher than 74 F (24 C), which makes the insulating part of the battery oxidize and in turn shorts the battery out. Batteries that are close to failure will be exposed next season, and batteries that are potentially in poor condition will completely drain and short out. Who wants to find that out the first day back at the track? Sounds tricky, but if you keep them cool, it won't happen - and you won't have to worry about it!

If you follow these refrigeration steps, when next season comes around, all you need to do is charge them. And be sure your charger is compatible with your specific type of battery setup. A quick check of the voltage should reveal about 1.0v even after long storage periods before you hook up the charger. If you get a reading of zero volts, then that’s a good indication your battery may fail. Do not try and revive it as it’s not worth the effort. Cut it out of that pack and replace it, you’ll be glad you did. Once fully charged, you should have a minimum of 80% capacity, and anything less is suspect. So whatever your pick, get that battery going and rev it up!

> RC Racing EP3 Videos

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