Serpent In The News

> Trion Intellect VR-1 packs

I like new developments in battery technology, just because when I first started having an electric RC was not very much fun. Team Trion have released two versions of pre assembled 6-cell battery packs. You can get them in 3800MAh or 4200... And if you do get any, go with the higher MAh.

> Serpent In The News

Serpent have been all over the news lately, from new products to new designers. Here's a list of some recent Serpent news below:

> ZX15 Small Block DSII+ engine

Here's an engine for serious racers...

"High Performance 5 port engine for top level competition featuring a top quality piston and liner set, latest design carburettor, orange cooling head and superbly finished grey anodised crankcase."

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> New Off-Road Designer Gerd Strenge

"Serpent is very pleased to officially announce that Gerd Strenge, better known as Mr Durango from Germany, has entered into a long-term cooperation with Serpent, for the development of offroad rc racing cars.

Gerd Strenge is famous in the electric offroad scene, for his very innovative Team Durango 1/10 scale 4wd offroad project. Gerd started this project in 2002 and he has been developing the car ever since. His Team Durango car has been European Champion and his cars have reached many GP, EC and even WC finals in the hands of famous drivers like Hara and Marc Reinhard."

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> Champ Drives Serpent F180 Formula Car

"Champ Car star and soon to be Formula One driver Sebastien Bourdais tried out Serpent's F180 formula car yesterday (Thursday) in Assen where he and his Newman Haas Lanigan Team are preparing for this weekend's second European Champ Car World Series encounter.

The reigning Champ Car Champion drove one of three F180s brought by Serpent to the 1:1 track which is situated in the north of Holland."

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> Traxxas T-Maxx Jump Video

Watch this T-maxx take a jump... JUST makes it!