Celtics Cover Again Without Garnett

Once again without Kevin Garnett (although they did have Ray Allen), the Celtics covered the spread with a win over the Mavericks tonight. The win gives the NBA Free Picks a record of 8-2 in the last ten, an exceptional 80%.

Keep checking back for more winnings picks--absolutely free.

ETFC Up Another 8.99%

ETFC continues to rise, gaining another 8.99% today on its way from $4.56to $4.97. The $0.41 gain today and the $0.42 gain yesterday exemplify the pattern we expect to continue seeing from ETFC, with steady and consistent increases each day.

Taking a look at the five day chart, with Stock Lemon mascot, Lemmy, marking the date our recommendation occured, you see nothing but postive gains from ETFC. We recommended this at $4.14 on January 29, and already this stock is paying dividends to anyone who followed our advice.

Free NBA Pick

The last time the computer liked the Celtics, even without Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, they crushed the Heat. Well, the computer likes the Celtics again tonight, even if they're without two of their biggest stars.

Boston Celtics +1 1/2 over the Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks are also short-handed, as Devin Harris is sidelined for 2-3 weeks and Jerry Stackhouse missed their last game. Solid value in tonight's play.

The Free NBA Picks have hit seven of their last nine, so these things are still hot.

Super Bowl May Smash Audience Record

Here's an article for anyone still on the fence about whether or not Super Bowl XLII between the Giants and Patriots will be the most watched in history. In case you forgot, we took Yes for -200 at Bodog, and are feeling better than ever about that Super Bowl prop bet. From the article:

While the Patriots' quest for history will be the focus, they must beat the New York Giants, who represent the biggest television market in the country. The Giants' underdog run to the Super Bowl has captivated its fan base, and the NFC championship victory over the Green Bay Packers had the biggest audience for that game since 1995, according to Nielsen Media Research.

There's also the fresh memory of the thrilling game the Giants and Patriots played on the last night of the regular season, where New England had to come from behind to keep their unbeaten streak alive. That game was seen by 34.5 million people, the most-watched NFL regular season game since 1990. Fox says that setting a record is possible.

The game airs on Fox on Sunday, so there's plenty of time to make your bet.

STTK Up 21.21%

STTK is back up to $.04 today and poised to make a run back to the $.30 range. After a little bit of a rocky road getting back to $.04, we feel like things are finally settling down for this stock. Some good volume today is an indicator that this thing is finally ready to jump.
We usually don't advise investments in penny stocks, but the promising background behind how STTK has been traded gives it more than enough value at just $.04 per share. There's really nowhere to go but up for this low risk, high reward gem.

ETFC Up 10.1%

We recommended buying ETFC yesterday, and already this one is on its way up. ETFC rose 10.1% today, all the way up to $4.56 from $4.14, a change of $0.42.

Not bad for the first day and we expect nothing less in the future for ETFC. That's one healthy looking five day chart shown above.

Another Hot Free NBA Pick

We've hit seven of our last eight, and are looking to continue the hot streak tonight with another Free NBA Pick.

Portland Trail Blazers -2 1/2 over the Cleveland Cavaliers

Good luck!

Rockets Cover For 2-0 Day

The Rockets, today's bonus Free NBA Pick, beat the Warriors by four, just enough to cover the three-point spread.

Like the Celtics, the Rockets were rumored to be without their two biggest stars for tonight's game. Tracy McGrady sat out, but Yao Ming played and had a huge day. Still, maybe there's something to this betting on teams without their biggest stars theory.

Unlike the Celtics, this one actually was a nail-biter, as the final score of 111-107 indicates.

The win gives the Free NBA Picks another perfect day, and boosts the record to 7-1 in the last eight, which is 87.5%. It is also the fourth straight winning pick, so again, get on them while they're hot!

Celtics Cover

No Kevin Garnett, no Ray Allen, no problem. The Celtics covered in a nail-biter against the Heat, which makes the Free NBA Picks 6-1 in the last seven games. Ok, maybe it wasn't a nail-biter...

Keep checking for more Free NBA Picks. We'll do everything we can to try and continue hitting 85%.

Free Stock Pick: ETFC

We thought about buying into this one yesterday, and after another 6.15% increase today, we're finally pulling the trigger. ETFC, which is the symbol for the popular E*TRADE Financial Corporation, was at $25.79 at its peak last year, and is now at $4.14 following today's run.

It bottomed out at $2.08 and is now in prime position to regain its position in the $20 range by the end of the year. As the chart above shows, the last three weeks have been better for E*TRADE, although the stock is still way below the norm. ETFC has shown signs over the last few weeks that it will continue to rise steadily back up to prominence.

The five day chart shown above gives and even better idea of how the stock will likely progress over the course of the next few months. It's a rather unspectacular yet significant enough growth that over time will benefit its shareholders.

With an average volume of 41,909,540 over the last ten days, you can expect more movement out of this stock pick than STTK will show initially, but both should end up at or very near to their highs from last year.

Bonus Free NBA Pick

We have a bonus play on the Houston Rockets -3 tonight against the Golden State Warriors. This line opened at -8 1/2 on Bodog before being pulled, and is now down to -3 because the Rockets may be without Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming tonight. Either way, the Rockets still have plenty of value at home.

Free NBA Picks Are Hot!

We've got another computer pick today after hitting our last 5 of 6.

Boston Celtics -5 1/2 over the Miami Heat

Good luck to all who play it.

UPDATE: Kevin Garnett will be out as expected, while Ray Allen, who missed the shoot-around, is a game time decision. Regardless, the Celtics are a solid play tonight.

Jazz Cover

The Free NBA Picks are on fire! With a six point win by the Jazz to cover the two point spread against the Spurs, we've now hit five of our last six nba picks.

Stay tuned for more free picks in the coming days and get them while they're hot!

Free NBA Pick

After a couple of days without a real solid computer pick, we finally have another one with some pretty good value.

Utah Jazz -2 over San Antonio Spurs

Good luck with the free pick!

Even More Super Bowl Prop Bets

We've already picked out a few Super Bowl props that we like, but for those of you who don't fancy betting on hypothetical handshakes and national anthem times, we've gone ahead and found a few more props that you might be interested in betting on.

Just like the props we've already bet on, few of these have anything to do with the Patriots and Giants actually playing football. What would be the fun in that? We have nothing riding on any of these (yet), but here are a few of the other options out there:
  • Which QB will Troy Aikman mention first after opening kickoff, Eli Manning or Tom Brady?
  • How many times will Joe Buck mention Peyton Manning's name during the broadcast? Over/Under 5 1/2 times
  • If the Patriots win, will Bob Kraft mention the 72 Dolphins during the Trophy Presentation, yes or no?
  • How many times will Archie Manning be shown on the TV Broadcast? Over/Under 4 1/2 times
  • Will the entire Fox pre-game team pick the Patriots to win the Super Bowl, yes or no?

These props and more can all be found on Bodog. If for some reason you want to bet on the actual game, they have a few props for that as well.

More Super Bowl Prop Bets

We're already on Jordin Sparks singing the national anthem in under 1 minute and 42 seconds, and we've found a couple more Super Bowl props we like.

First, there's a prop asking whether or not Super Bowl XLII will be the most watched Super Bowl in History. We say yes. With the NFL's popularity at an all-time high, the Patriots going for a perfect 19-0 record, and the large New York market that the Giants hail from having a huge interest in the game, we think it will easily be the most watched in history.

The second prop we found while browsing through the seemingly thousands Bodog has to offer asks whether or not Don Shula will be on the field to shake Bill Belichick's hand after the game. If the unthinkable happens and the Patriots lose, there would be no reason for Don Shula, who coached the Miami Dolphins to a perfect 17-0 in 1972, to be anywhere near the Patriots' coach. Come to think of it, there is no reason for Don Shula to be on the field if the Patriots win, either.

Although both of these props require laying some chalk, we don't mind doing so in these cases, since we should be chalking both up as easy victories come February 3.

Grizzlies Cover

It took them an extra five minutes, but the Grizzlies beat the Clippers by five in overtime, covering the three point spread.

Our Free NBA Picks are hitting 80% in the last two days at 4-1.

Small Free NBA Pick

The computer has a small lean on the Memphis Grizzlies at -2 1/2 over the Los Angeles Clippers today, worthy of a one unit play. We went 3-1 in the NBA yesterday and we're hoping the hot streak continues.

Nuggets Cover For 3-1 Day

The Nuggets knocked off the Nets by 15, covering the eight point spread and getting our system plays back on track with a 3-1 day. Expect a few more plays this weekend.

Raptors Cover, too

The Free NBA Picks are off to a 2-0 start tonight after the Raptors covered the 9 1/2 point spread in a blow out win over the Bucks.

Wizards Cover

The Washington Wizards beat the Memphis Grizzlies by 11 to cover the eight point spread, 104-93. Good start for the Free NBA Picks tonight.

Four Free NBA Picks Today

It's rare to have more than one free nba pick, but today we have a grand total of four! The computer likes the heavy favorites today. Here are the picks:

Washington Wizards -8 over Memphis Grizzlies

Toronto Raptors -9 1/2 over Milwaukee Bucks

Boston Celtics -13 over Minnesota Timberwolves

Denver Nuggets -8 over New Jersey Nets

Good luck!

Fun with Super Bowl Prop Bets

American Idol's Jordin Sparks will be singing the National Anthem at Super Bowll XLII in her native Glendale, Arizona on February 3rd, and of course, Bodog allows you to bet the over/under on the length of her Star Spangled Banner.

The over/under is set at 1 minute and 42 seconds, and we're taking the under, although it was a close call.
Last year, when Billy Joel drunk drove his way to Miami to sing the Anthem at Super Bowl XLI, a simple youtube sampling of his previous anthems revealed that he usually took about 10 seconds less to sing it than Bodog had anticipated. When the big game came, he took the mike and sure enough, was under by far. Easy money.

This year was a little more difficult. Jordin Sparks has three youtube offerings of previous National Anthems. We calculated the time it took for her to sing from the first note to the last, and all were very close to the 1 minute 42 second mark. Here's the breakdown:

This is the shortest of the performances, clocking in at 1 minute and 39 seconds. She was Arizona Idol at the time, not yet American Idol, so maybe fame has added 3 seconds to her wind pipes.

Being very generous towards the over, Jordin clocked in at exactly 1 minute and 42 seconds. If we were to time it exactly using a high tech device (aka a stopwatch), we think it would be slightly less.

This was only a partial video, so we combined it with her more long-winded anthem at the NBA Finals and came up with a total of, you guessed it, 1 minute and 42 seconds. Again, we made sure to go from first note to last and maybe even a bit further, just to be sure.

In all, we have three videos averaging 1 minute and 41 seconds, with none going over 1 minute and 42 seconds. This is enough for us to put a decent sized wager on Jordin Sparks going under at the Super Bowl.

Duke Covers

With a 17 point win at Virginia Tech, Duke covered the 8 point spread easily. The Free NCAA Basketball Picks are off to a good start.

Free NBA Pick

We have one NBA pick today as well, although this is also a small lean in comparison to the regular computer picks.

Indiana Pacers +5 1/2 over Milwaukee Bucks

Remember it is just a small lean, so a one unit play will suffice.

Free NCAA Basketball Pick

This is not from the same system the computer uses for the NBA, but rather an experimental NCAA basketball system, so keep that in mind. It's still worth a small play.

Duke -8 over Virginia Tech

Good luck.

Bird Flu in India

Over 2,000 people in India have reported that they have have been suffering from a fever within the last five days, according a local paper.

It's bad news for humanity, but might be good news for STTK stockholders, as the security company has previously experimented in bird flu cures.

It could be an interesting few days coming up.

Free NBA Picks

We have our first NBA free picks of the year today, using a computer system that takes in account every statistical category to find out who has the edge in any given match-up.

The computer likes the Philadelphia 76ers +7 over the Detroit Pistons, and we put one unit on that.

The computer also likes the Phoenix Suns -8 tonight against the Minnesota Timberwolves, which is our play of the day and thus worthy of two units.

We are very picky with this system we've been developing over the course of the last three years, so picks will be few and far between, but no doubt profitable.

Again, that's Philadelphia +7 and the play of the day Phoenix -8. Good luck.

STTK Up 14.29%

With many fearing recession, STTK held strong, increasing 14.29% on Tuesday. Now at $.04, this stock is still a great buy, with short term increases of 10-15% expected daily.

Such an increase is very valuable on a cheap stock such as this, since its current value allows for thousands of shares to be purchased at little to no risk. The 3 month goal for this stock is anywhere from $.15-$.30, and the 6 month goal is $1.

We will continue to update STTK's progress following our STRONG BUY recommendation yesterday. We will also continue to search for the "diamonds in the rough" throughout the year.

Keep checking back for more updates on stock tips, sports wagers, and business news.

Free Stock Pick: STTK

The market was closed today due to the holiday, but judging by the markets overseas, it will be rough riding for stock owners tomorrow. In times like these, the usually risky penny stocks that have struggled in recent months are always a good bet to bounce back and profit. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to find one that has very good short-term and long-term potential according to the recent charts.

Smart-tek Solutions, symbol STTK, is a company that was highly invested in the bird flu market last year, and gained recognition as a result. It reached highs in the $1.70 range last year, and has now bottomed out at $.035 now that the bird flu scare has passed--for now.

There is reason to believe that this company, despite recent sturggles, is ready to bounce back. While still keeping an eye on the bird flu market, the companies security endeavors are what really keeps it afloat, and they have experienced unprecedent growth in that area. While it may not reach the $1.70 level anytime soon, hitting $1 again is not so far fetched.

This is a low risk, high reward stock, and one that I highly recommend purchasing in the near future.

For more information on the company, here's how they describe themselves on their official website, which is linked to above.

Smart-tek Solutions Inc. (SSI) specializes in the design and development of
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) integration, monitoring and tracking
solutions to meet industry demands. The target market for SSI’s RFID solutions
is the livestock industry by way of total intergraded RFID equipment to aid in
the tracking, recording and monitoring of livestock.

There is growing demand for smart technology solutions from Government agencies as well as the private sector to track, monitor and collect key data to protect livestock producers and limit the potential economic losses from livestock disease outbreaks, such as Bird Flu and Foot and Mouth Disease.

Also, Smart-tek Solutions Inc. through its wholly owned subsidiary, Smart-tek Communications Inc. (SCI) is a market leader in designing and providing the latest, most advanced integrated security, voice and data communication systems.

Located in Richmond, British Columbia, SCI specializes in the design, sale, installation and service of the latest in security technology with proven electronic hardware and software products.

SCI has positioned itself as a market leader in the Greater Vancouver area. Valued customers include major developers, general and electrical contractors, hospitals, Crown Corporations and retail facilities. Projects range from high-end residential and commercial developments to system upgrades and monitoring contracts.

SCI's continued growth and success is a direct result of providing a consistently superior product at competitive pricing to both new and existing clients. SCI's stellar client retention is in itself a testimonial to the overall excellence of the product designed and installed.

Again, this is a strong buy. Smart-tek Solutions should be one of the most surprising and profitbale stocks in 2008.

Up and Running

It took about a month to figure out all the paperwork, but we are finally up and running here at Stock Lemon. This blog will serve as the main homepage for our start-up company, so check back frequently for updates. In the future, we will provide stock tips, sports wagers, and a plethora of other business related articles to our readers--absolutely free.


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