Even More Super Bowl Prop Bets

We've already picked out a few Super Bowl props that we like, but for those of you who don't fancy betting on hypothetical handshakes and national anthem times, we've gone ahead and found a few more props that you might be interested in betting on.

Just like the props we've already bet on, few of these have anything to do with the Patriots and Giants actually playing football. What would be the fun in that? We have nothing riding on any of these (yet), but here are a few of the other options out there:
  • Which QB will Troy Aikman mention first after opening kickoff, Eli Manning or Tom Brady?
  • How many times will Joe Buck mention Peyton Manning's name during the broadcast? Over/Under 5 1/2 times
  • If the Patriots win, will Bob Kraft mention the 72 Dolphins during the Trophy Presentation, yes or no?
  • How many times will Archie Manning be shown on the TV Broadcast? Over/Under 4 1/2 times
  • Will the entire Fox pre-game team pick the Patriots to win the Super Bowl, yes or no?

These props and more can all be found on Bodog. If for some reason you want to bet on the actual game, they have a few props for that as well.