Ivy League Action!

The NFL is over and the NBA is on a break, but the Ivy League is still playing some quality basketball! If you haven't guessed, our Free NCAA Pick for the day happens to be between two of these booksmart schools, and you'd be smart to look up your local books for this line.

Cornell -5 over Harvard

We tend to think that we are smarter than both of these schools, are we're excited to prove just that tonight. We're also still angered that Stock Lemon University of Technology, or SLUT for short, was denied access to the Ivy League. Apparently they decided to go with South Harmon Institute of Technology over Lemmy's alma mater.

Good Luck!

NOTE: Although we ripped off the movie Accepted, we do not condone watching movies of this poor quality. Unless, of course, you are only watching the movie only to serve as a reference point for creating the logo of a fake school. Not to imply that the Stock Lemon University of Technology is not a real school or anything...