Kevin Hart to go Straight to the NFL

If you haven't heard the Kevin Hart saga yet, here are the cliffnotes: He's an offensive lineman from a Nevada high school who was first thought to be headed to Oregon to play football. Then, in dramatic fashion, he chose to play for California instead at a press conference in front of his high school. We'll let Deadspin catch you up on the rest:

It was discovered that neither school actually sent anybody to recruit him.

It was concluded that Hart was scammed by a con-man posing as a recruiter for the schools. The police had no information on the actual identity of the suspect.

Then, the police suddenly received plenty of information on the identity of the suspect when Hart himself admitted that he made everything up. Everything.

So what does Kevin Hart do for an encore? According to a source, Hart has decided to forego the college ranks altogether and enter the NFL Draft.

Citing his hero, Maurice Clarett, Hart stated that going straight to the NFL is "the smartest decision of my life." He will challenge the NFL rule which requires players to be three years out of high school before entering the league. Due to a technicality, many believe that the NFL will be forced to allow him entrance into the draft.

But that's not enough for Hart. Not only does he want to to be admitted to the draft, he also expects to chose which team he will play for. He told a source, "I'm either going to go to the Eagles with the 19th overall pick or making the Bills take me at 11."

Regardless of where he ends up playing, there's no question he comes with baggage. Who knows what this kid will do next.

Disclaimer: This story is entirely made up. Or is it?