NBA All-Star Game on Bodog Live

We have yet to mention one of our favorite betting features, but since some people tend to get a little bored during all-star games, we thought the NBA All-Star Game would be the perfect time to let you in on our secret. We love in-game betting, and nobody has a better in-game betting tool than Bodog's aptly titled Bodog Live.

It's a fun and easy way to stay interested in an otherwise meaningless game, with instant payouts into your Bodog account as well as instant gratification. We've had some fun with this, betting on nearly every play during a game, and have made a little bit of money, although we do it mostly for fun than for cash.

If live betting isn't your thing (you're crazy), you can do some reading instead. The loyal Stock Lemon followers over at The Bucky Channel (who even have a link to us on their site) will have a live blog of the game that is worth checking out. Enjoy the game!