Three Free NBA Picks!

If you've been following our Free NBA Picks daily, you know that they've hit 12 of their last 17 for an astounishing 71%. You also know that we usually have one play per day, except for the rare instances when we have two. Today, however, we have a grand total of three Free NBA Picks! They are:
Los Angeles Lakers +1 1/2 over the Orlando Magic

Detroit Pistons -11 over the Portland Trail Blazers

and our play of the day...

Toronto Raptors -9 1/2 over the Los Angeles Clippers

As always, we put one unit on the regular plays and two units on our play of the day. To constitute as a play of the day, the computer must show a heavy advantage one way or the other, and our numbers show us that the Raptors should actually be favored by 14 1/2.

Chris Bosh and the Raptors should have a field day with the Clippers, who are in complete disarray at this point.

For our other picks, we feel pretty confident in Rasheed Wallace and the Pistons putting the up-and-coming Trail Blazers in their place tonight. Wallace spent a better part of his career in Portland, so there's extra motivation for anybody looking at some Rasheed Wallace prop bets.

Finally, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers should be the favorites in Orlando tonight. After losing a tough one to the Hawks the other night, Kobe and the Lake Show will get back on track at the expense of the Magic.

Good luck and enjoy the three play day!