Top Five Sports Betting and Stock Blogs

We know it's not typically a smart idea to give so-called competition free publicity, but in the world of sports betting and trading stocks, we're all on the same team. That being said, it's time to give credit where credit is due. Without further adu, here are the Lemmy Awards for the Top Five Most Useful Sports Betting and Stock Blogs that you'll come across on the web.
As the title says, it's day trading, swing trading, and ivesting blog, and a great one at that. Beanieville's informative opinions on trading make this experienced and knowledeable trader a terrific read. We were also blown away by the "Beanieville System" he discussed at the end of last year.

As he describes it in the header, his site is "A daily journal in the life of a part-time poker player, a full-time daytrader, and a sports handicapper wannabe." Day-trading is his bread and butter, and believe me, this guy knows what he's doing. If day-trading isn't your cup of lemonade, check out his his poker and sports betting history--he keeps all information on gains and losses public for his viewer's enjoyment. He also has a very useful FAQ page on a variety of topics, and updates his day-trading doings every single day on this exceptional site.

For a very unique perspective of sports betting and the economics of sports and society, there isn't a better site out there. The commentary is extremely resourceful and will increase your knowledge of the business of sports betting exponentially.
A great site dedicated to winning sports bets, Ryan is one of the best cappers on the web. More importantly, our readers will find something on his site that they don't often find here--he specializes in the NHL. All of his wagers also inform readers the exact percentage of his bankroll devoted to each particular wager. In all, there's tons on this site that you won't find anywhere else.
Frequent updates, interesting analysis, and and excellent range of sports wagers make this site top-notch. It is the go-to site for sports betting, as he couples his successful bets with witty writing a great sense of humor.

We hope you check these five sites out whenever you get a chance, and we're sure that you'll immediately find them to have an educational value as well as a monetary value for your betting and trading future.

Just remember who told you about them.

To the five blogs worthy of mention in our inaugural Lemmy Awards, we wish you congratulations on what is surely one of the most prestigiuos honors ever earned. Keep up the good work.