Lakers and Suns Cover for 2-0 Day

Another day, another winner. Wait... make that two winners.

In our first Free NBA Pick, the Lakers fought back from a double-digit deficit against the Kings, using a 36-18 fourth quarter to put Sacramento in their place. Kobe Bryant scored 17 points in the deciding quarter, leading the Lakers to a 117-105 victory and covering the six point spread.

Then, about 20 minutes prior to tip-off, we added a Bonus Free NBA Pick, which ended up being a reward for the readers who check us out most often. We try to get these picks in as early as possible, but there was a lot of analysis to be done before we could determine the Suns a Free NBA Pick, and we posted it as soon as we could.

The Suns got on the Blazers early, leading 60-41 at the half, and although they let Portland get back in it, they still pulled out a 97-92 win to cover the two point spread.

When all was said and done, we ended up with a 2-0 day. Our Free NBA Picks remain insanely hot, hitting 10 of the last 11. Overall, they are now 24-10, which is roughly 71%.

We hope you were riding these picks with us today, but if you weren't, fear not, we'll have more free picks in the coming days. Get them while they're hot!