Records Update

Just thought we'd update everyone on our records for the sports that are currently in season. These are only the results for our most recent systems, one of which is still in its infancy (NCAA Basketball).

Free NBA Picks: 22-10... 69%
Our NBA Picks have been on fire lately, hitting eight of their last nine after our eight game winning streak was finally snapped.

Free NCAA Basketball Picks: 2-1... 67%
We finally have the system back to where it needs to be and are looking forward to a profitable month.

Free NHL Picks: 4-2... 67%
We usually only bet on hockey on slower days, mainly because we bet on puck lines, which not a lot of books offer. We figure that if they aren't doing our readers any good, why post them? Nevertheless, we've had some success with those, although it sometimes requires laying a little bit of wood.

As you can see we've been consistent and we've been profitable for our followers, so bookmark us or tell your friends or set us as your homepage--anything to prevent you and yours from missing out on our reliable and successful picks. Which, by the way, are free.