No Plays Today

No plays match our system today, so we're going to go ahead and take the day off.

We're letting our Free NBA Picks system re-set, and it looks like there should be an NBA play tomorrow by our early calculations.

Stay tuned.

Brewers Win!

It wasn't the low-scoring game we expected with Ben Sheets back on the mound, but we'll take it. The Brewers took care of the Cubs 10-7 tonight, giving us a much needed Free MLB Pick win.

Our system hasn't produced at the levels we're used to, but we're continually updating the statistics and it looks like we are finally getting on track for the 2008 season. The Brewers win gives us a record of just 3-4, which only means that we're due for a nice long winning streak.

Chicago Bears Upgrade Chop Blocking Ability

Most NFL teams look at run blocking and pass blocking when evaluating offensive linemen during the NFL Draft. The Chicago Bears, however, look at chop blocking.

At least, that's one theory.

The Bears signed Montana tackle Cody Balogh, a player best known for a chop block he threw on an opposing defensive lineman, as an undrafted free agent. In all fairness, Balogh is reportedly a good kid who didn't mean any harm on the block (as if diving at another man's knees won't cause any harm). Nevertheless, it might be time for the rest of the NFC North to start wearing knee guards.

Take Sheets and the Brewers

Ben Sheets is back on the mound for the Milwaukee Brewers against the rival Chicago Cubs, and we expect more of the same from the Brewers ace. In addition to having Sheets back, the Brewers will also get a spark from the return of center fielder Mike Cameron, who has missed the first 25 games of the year due to a suspension.

Brewers ML (-118) over the Cubs

Good luck!

Surprise NBA Playoff Pick

Sometimes what's right isn't always popular, and we think we've got ourselves an unpopular pick that will prove to be the right call.

Denver Nuggets +5 over the Los Angeles Lakers

The Free NBA Pick system shows great value here tonight, and we have to agree with it. Allen Iverson and the Nuggets should be able to avoid the sweep at the hands of Kobe Bryant's Lakers.

Good luck!

Perfect Top Five in the NFL Draft

If you checked in with us prior to the NFL Draft, you might have noticed our mock draft for the first five picks. If you checked in with us after the NFL Draft, you might have noticed we correctly picked all five of them. Hopefully it was in time to make some of you a little bit of money on NFL Draft props. Of course, Jake Long to the Dolphins was already in the books, but four out of four isn't bad, either.

If not, you aren't completely out of luck. We'll be back tomorrow with a Free NBA Playoff Pick we've been waiting all week for.

Unfortunately, Brian Brohm was not the second quarterback selected, as the Baltimore Ravens reached for Joe Flacco and ruined what should have been a sure-thing. We get where the Ravens are coming from, but we still like Brian Brohm's potential... to hold a clipboard as a career backup to Aaron Rodgers on the Packers.

All in all, it was a fun draft, and we hope you came out with as much money in your pocket as Jake Long (above with Roger Goodell) did.

A word about DEDUCTIBLES...

Simply stated: A deductible is the amount that you pay toward a loss or claim before the insurance company begins to pay. The higher your deductible, the lower your premium.
  • The more you are willing to participate in your loss, the greater the savings on your premium.
The insurance company will offer your a lower premium if you take a higher deductible because your LOSS FREQUENCY and your LOSS SEVERITY will be lower. Consider if you have a $2000 deductible instead of a $500 deductible:
  1. You'll make fewer claims because you won't be making claims for $600, $900 or $1995 losses. You'll simply pay those yourself. (FREQUENCY)
  2. When you do submit a claim the insurance company will be paying $1500 LESS than if you had the $500 deductible. (SEVERITY)

There is no "correct" deductible to choose. It depends on what I like to call your personal LOSS THRESHOLD. So before we get too far ahead, lets take a moment to diagnose your "loss threshold."

Lets say you go out and buy a $3 picture to hang in your bathroom. Are you going to insure it? Of course not! Now you go out and buy a famous $252,000 masterpiece painting. Are you going to insure it? Unless you are a multi-millionaire, you certainly will. Somewhere in between the $3 print and the $252,000 masterpiece is your loss threshold. Your loss threshold is the amount of money you can stand to lose without doing any great harm to your daily lifestyle or your peace-of-mind. In the above example, different people will have different thresholds. There is no right or wrong answer here!


OK. Let's say you're ok with a loss threshold of $1000 or less. Now you can choose between a $1000 deductible or a $500 deductible. Here's all you have to do.

  1. Find the premium difference between the two.
  2. Let's say you save $80 a year in premium to take the $1000 deductible.
  3. Now look at the DIFFERENCE between the 2 deductibles which is $500. It would take you over 6 years ($80/yr x 6 years = $480 ) to save the DIFFERENCE between the deductibles.
  4. Now you simply ask yourself, "Do I think I'll have more than 1 claim in the next 6 years?"
  5. If the answer is yes, you should probably take the lower ($500) deductible.
  6. If the answer is no, then the higher deductible ($1000) probably makes more sense.

If you're still confused by this, just give me a call and I'll walk you through it....


It's a Good Life !

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NFL Mock Draft Top 5

The NFL Draft is about an hour away, so if you can get on any of these picks at reasonable odds, it's time to pull the trigger.

1. Miami Dolphins- Jake Long, G

2. St. Louis Rams- Chris Long, DE

3. Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan, QB

4. Oakland Raiders- Darren McFadden, RB

5. Kansas City Chiefs- Glenn Dorsey, DT

Friday Free MLB Pick

The weekend is here, and we've got a Free MLB Pick before diving into tomorrows NFL Draft. Our Free MLB Picks are off to a slow start, but we expect to turn it around very soon.

Milwaukee Brewers -1 1/2 (+130) over the Florida Marlins

Prince Fielder and the Brewers have been off to a slow start as well in terms of offensive production, but our numbers show that that will change tonight in the first game of this three-game series.

Good luck!

Favre Named Madden '94 Cover Athlete

Madden '94, a John Madden's football video game for Super Nintendo that allows users to play a full 16-game NFL schedule with all 28 teams, has announced its cover athlete.

Rather than choose a proven star like Super Bowl winning quarterback Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys, Madden decided to name little-known Packers quarterback Brett Favre (pronounced fay-ver) as its cover boy.

Favre has played just one season with the Packers, throwing 18 touchdown passes and leading the team to a 9-7 record in 1992 after starter Don Majkowski went down with an injury. Prior to that, he played briefly with the Atlanta Falcons before being traded to Green Bay.

Critics say that Favre's career won't last long due to his poor throwing mechanics and a drinking habit that caused him to miss the team picture his rookie year in Atlanta. Perhaps the Madden game would have been better off with a more promising quarterback on its cover, like the young Tommy Maddox of the Denver Broncos.

Time will tell if the video game made the right choice. In the meantime, we only hope this cover won't jinx the young Favre in any way.

More NBA Playoff Action

We have one Free NBA Playoff Pick for Tonight

Orlando Magic/Toronto Raptors OVER 203

Our picks are just 2-2 so far this postseason, but 42-22 overall.

Good luck!

New Free MLB Pick System

After a dismal 2-3 start with our Free MLB Picks to start the year, we decided to overhaul the system that we were using to something more similar to what we used last year.

This lengthy process is the reason there haven't been any MLB Picks recently, but we believe we finally have the system where we want it, and have one play tonight.

Chicago White Sox ML (-137) over the New York Yankees

We're laying a lot of chalk and betting over one unit so that we would win a unit in return. We don't like betting this amount of chalk, and were waiting as long as we could for this line to drop, but it looks like we're stuck with it. The first pitch is in a little over a half an hour, so we apologize for that late post, but we were really hoping to get rid of some of this juice.

We have no plays for the three NBA games tonight, so hopefully our new Free MLB Pick system is enough to hold you over until tomorrow's games. Let's make the MLB stand for Money in Lemmy's Bank.

Good luck!

Fun With NFL Draft Prop Bets

The Miami Dolphins made Michigan tackle Jake Long the first overall pick in the NFL Draft, reminding us that the draft is fast approaching. We'll wager on plenty of NFL Draft prop bets this weekend, and of course, we'll try to get as many "cocrect" as possible.

That said, we've found our first juicy bet on Bodog.

The prop is: Who will be the second QB drafted?

We think it's almost a lock that Louisville's Brian Brohm is the second quarterback selected, after Boston College's Matt Ryan--and we don't use the word "lock" often. At 5/6 odds, this is still a pretty good value, but we'd imagine the odds will only get worse as the draft approaches.

Brohm was once considered a Top 10 pick earlier in the year, and there is no reason for the other options (Delaware's Joe Flacco, Michigan's Chad Henne, and the talented Other) to be picked higher than Brohm.

We'll have more draft pick props in the coming days, so be sure to make us your home for NFL Draft prop bets.

Hornets and Mavs Go Over

We needed the Hornets and Mavs to score 193 points tonight. They scored 230.

The Hornets 127-103 victory in Game 2 of the series helped us even our playoff Free NBA Pick record back to 2-2, and our overall NBA Free Pick record to 42-22.

Thanks to countless buckets, including Chris Paul taking on Dirk Nowitzki for a lay-up, we're back up to .500 for the playoffs and hoping, oddly enough, to get back into regular-season form.

We tinkered with the numbers in the system a little bit prior to this game due to our concerns that, well, the last two Free NBA Pick losses were blowouts. We should be poised for a nice run with the updated stats added to the formula, so hop on and enjoy the ride.

One Playoff Pick Tonight

We have one Free NBA Pick tonight as we look to get back on track:

Dallas Mavericks/New Orleans Hornets OVER 193

Good luck!

Is That a Trick Question?

Take a look at this prop offered by Bodog pertaining to this weekend's NFL Draft.

If you want some "cocrect" picks, make Stock Lemon your home for the NFL Draft. We'll take a look at some props, as well as live-betting options, to help your wallet draft a few dead presidents over the weekend.

Wizards the Free NBA Pick Tonight

Hopefully we've cleared up any confusion as to the games we're playing and are ready to make some money.

We have one play tonight, which is, of course, a Free NBA Pick that matches our system.

Washington Wizards +2 over the Cleveland Cavaliers

Caron Butler and the Wizards look to steal home-court advantage from the Cavs, and we think they will. In what will surely be a physical and entertaining game, our computer says the Wizards should come out on top.

Our Free NBA Playoff Picks are 1-1 following a 40-20 regular season.

Good luck!

Records Update

As posted in the comments section of the last entry regarding our playoff picks:

We did not clarify whether that was a Free NBA Pick or not, and instead assumed that if we didn't mention it as a Free NBA Pick it would not be played as such. That said, we will update our record to include the first game, which we lost. Furthermore, we will not post any plays unless they are strong Free NBA Picks to avoid any excess confusion. Thanks for the comments and we apologize for the confusion. Our last objective is to deceive our readers.

Additionally, as far as the NCAA Tournament is concerned, we used a different formula for the Sweet 16 than we did in the rest of the tournament, being that we were struggling to stay around .500 through the first two rounds. We only posted the Sweet 16 results for that system, but we forgot to include in Lemmy's Resume that it was only the Sweet 16. That has been updated, and likewise, our Playoff Free NBA Pick record will be updated to 1-1.

Again, thanks for the comments. Now let's go take it to the books!

Celtics and Hawks Go Under For Playoff Cover

It's playoff time in the NBA, and our system is in playoff form.

Thanks to some sneaky defense by Kevin Garnett and Mike Bibby, among other plays, the Celtics beat the Hawks 104-81. Some basic math will tell you that the two teams combined for 185 total points, which is six less than the under of 191.

We, of course, picked the under, and our Free NBA Picks are now 1-0 to start the playoffs, after going 40-20 in the regular season. To avoid confusion, we won't post any small plays on the site, so any play that appears on Stock Lemon will be a system Free NBA Pick in the playoffs.

The playoffs are just getting started--and so are we. Stay with us as we bring you winners, just as we've done all year.

First Free NBA Pick of the Playoffs

We have one Free NBA Pick according to our system tonight:

Boston Celtics/Atlanta Hawks UNDER 191

Our system was 40-20 in the regular season this year, which is 67%. We expect to duplicate that success in the playoffs.

Good luck!

The NBA Playoffs are Here

We have on playoff play today:

Houston Rockets -1 over Utah Jazz

Good luck!

Spurs Cover for 2-0 Day

On the last day of the regular season, we had the same kind of results we've been getting all year--winners. The Spurs beat down the Jazz 109-80, giving us a 2-0 day and a 40-20 record on the year, which is 67%

We will continue our Free NBA Picks throughout the playoffs, so make sure to keep checking Stock Lemon and keep winning money.

Bulls Cover

In a buzzer-beater bet (which we apologize for that if you did not get on it), we took the Bulls -5 1/2 over the Raptors. Chicago was able to pull out a 107-97 victory in their final game of the season, improving our NBA Free Picks record to 39-20 with one more pick pending.

Lemmy Awards Update

The last installment of the Lemmy Awards based solely on the message boards in the Rivals network. We failed to mention this important note. In fact, is a candidate for best overall message board, not limited to sports or the Rivals Network. Lemmy Awards for that category will follow at some point. Lemmy apologizes for the confusion. Congrats to the 2008 Lemmy Award Winners for Rivals-based sports message boards.

Lemmy Awards: Top 5 Sports Message Boards

Ladies and gentlemen, it's the moment you've all been waiting for. That's right, it's time to give out a few Lemmy Awards! In our first installment, we rewarded the top five sports betting and stock blogs on the net with the Golden Lemmy. This time, we're giving out Lemmy Awards for the top five sports message boards on the web, particularly when it comes to NCAA football. UPDATE: These are only Rivals message boards.

This Texas sports message board has a football, basketball and other section. As they say, everything is bigger in Texas.

The best collegiate board Iowa has to offer includes the largest wrestling themed board on the web.

Florida State's board has a rare baseball section packed full of wise commenters.

Up in Michigan, there's never a dull moment on The Wolverine boards.

Not far behind Florida State, Florida's message board provides enough insight on Gator sports to earn a Lemmy Award.

Regular Season Finale

We have one NBA play to close out the season.

San Antonio Spurs -4 over the Utah Jazz

Good luck!

UPDATE: We are adding the Chicago Bulls -5 1/2 over the Toronto Raptors. The game starts in about five minutes so get this in quick!

Small Lean in the NBA

We're not sure if we will make it a Free NBA Pick, but our system indicates a small lean on the Sacramento Kings +17 over the Los Angeles Lakers tonight.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: After further calculating our figures, we have decided not to make this a Free NBA Pick. Although the Kings should have a slight advantage with the +17 spread, it is not nearly enough to make this a play. There are no picks for today.

New MLB System Coming Soon

We've been focusing on the NBA down the stretch, but we will have plenty of MLB bets on the way. We are in the process of updating our system for the current 2008 season to maximize our results (and your profits).

We've had a few Free MLB Picks already this year under the old system, but we decided to spend the time (it is a lengthy process) to update the system and ensure winners on a nightly basis.

Stay tuned!

Suns and Warriors Under Today

The NBA regular season is winding down, but there are still some games left and one of them fits our system tonight.

Phoenix Suns/Golden State Warriors UNDER 231

Our Free NBA Pick system indicates that, although these teams can put up the points, this over/under is set a little too high.

As you see from Lemmy's Resume on the right column of this page, our Free NBA Picks are 38-19, which is 66% on the year. They are also on a four game winning streak, and this under is a good bet to make it five straight!

Good luck!

STTK Ready to Make a Move

We've been a little distracted lately due to our success in the sports betting sphere, but as our name implies, we also started our company (and this website) to give smart stock tips.

That said, our first Free Stock Pick was STTK back on January 21, and as we foretold, good things come to those who wait. We recommended buying this stock at $.035, and after a short incline it dipped below that mark. At this time, we urged patience, as this stock just needed to gain momentum behind some of the good press that this company, Smart-Tek Solutions, was dishing out.

This week, the stock hit nearly $.09, an increase of over 150%. If you sold at that time, good for you--you turned a nice profit on this one. If not, though, you can either do so when the market opens today for a gain of almost 80%, or you can wait this one out a little longer and reap the benefits. It leveled off to a close of $.06 on Friday after the big gains in the middle of the week and is still in good shape for the long-term. We've heard from an inside source (someone very close to CEO Perry Law), that Smart-tek Solutions is expecting either a merger or some other type of big news on May 22. Just speculation for now, but something to keep in mind.

The volume still looks good and we like what we see from the charts. If you bought when we originally suggested, it might be wise to sell off half of those shares and ride out the rest. "Play with profit," as they say. If not, this is still a strong buy, as last week was only a glimpse of STTK's true potential.

Lemmy Rolls Up His Sleeves

Some of you might have been wondering what we were up to yesterday, when we had one of those rare days when there were no plays that fit our systems.

Well, don't think some of us weren't busy. Stock Lemon mascot, Lemmy, went ahead and added a handy little feature to the right-side column of the website. Without the benefit of limbs as well as the obvious handicap of being nothing more than a tasty lemon with human facial features, Lemmy constructed a page element titled "Lemmy's Resume."

In that section, you will find how our past systems have done, just so you know that this is not some thrown-together operation. We are a legitimate organization providing a completely FREE service to our readers, so take advantage!

Our records are backed up in the archives as documented right here at, so go ahead and look for yourselves if you want to make sure that we really are that good while Lemmy takes his lunch break.

Check back tomorrow for more absolutely FREE picks.

Bulls and Magic Make it Four Straight

Thanks to textbook defense like Luol Deng crazily flying at a Jameer Nelson shot, we've won yet another NBA wager.

By scoring less than 204 combined points today, the Bulls and Magic have extended our Free NBA Pick winning streak to four games! The Magic won it 104-84, falling 16 points shy of the over/under.

Our record for the 2007-08 season is now 38-19, or 67%, and we're on another winning streak. Our Free NBA Picks are in playoff form, and we'll keep the winners coming if you keep coming back.

One Play Today

In case you didn't notice, there were no plays yesterday, but we're back with a small Free NBA Pick today.

Orlando Magic/Chicago Bulls UNDER 204

Our Free NBA Picks are 37-19 this year, which is 66%.

Kings Make it Three in a Row!

The Kings beat the Blazers 103-86, covering the -2 spread with ease.

The Kings win tonight gives us our third consecutive Free NBA Pick victory, giving us a 37-19 record on the year, which is 66%.

As always, more picks to come, so if you haven't already, bookmark us and make us your betting advice destination. (And stocks, too... maybe... sometimes. Definitely sports betting, though.)

Kings the Free NBA Pick Tonight

We have one more Free NBA Pick tonight as we look for our third win in a row.

Sacramento Kings -2 over the Portland Trail Blazers

Good luck!

Nuggets Win!

Following a game like this, we can't help but be upset--that we didn't take the moneyline! The Nuggets handled the Warriors, 114-105, covering the +5 spread and giving us another Free NBA Pick win.

Our Free NBA Picks are now 36-19 for a solid 65% following back-to-back wins.

Stay tuned for more picks!

Nuggets the Play Tonight

Even with limited NBA action tonight, we do have a Free NBA Pick. The picks look like they are back on track, so this is a decent play.

Denver Nuggets +5 over the Golden State Warriors

These two teams are battling for that final playoff spot in the West, and it should be a great game. Allen Iverson and the Nuggets should have the edge, though, over Baron Davis and the Warriors.

Our Free NBA Picks are 35-19 on the year, or 65%.

Good luck!

A few thoughts on PROPERLY insuring your Rental Property

So, you're going to be a landlord! Since it's nearly ALWAYS a good time to buy real estate, you're making an excellent move. The long-term value of real estate from an investment standpoint is, in my humble opinion, the best leverage available.

Now that you've taken that step, it's important to get the right kind of insurance to protect not only your investment from the ravages of fire, vandalism, smoke, and broken water pipes, but also protection from the greedy hands of your tenants should they sustain an injury on your property in the form of Liability Coverage.

There's usually 4 primary areas of coverage you want to explore when looking into insurance for your property that you rent to others. (doesn't matter if it's a single family dwelling, duplex, multi-plex or a condo.

  1. Building Coverage - Protection for the structure.
  2. Personal Property Coverage - Protection for the contents of the unit that you own. This includes refrigerator and window treatments primarily. It would also include any other non-building type items that you own and are stored or used in the rented dwelling.
  3. Loss of Rents Coverage - This pays your fair market rent value to you whenever your property is rendered uninhabitable from a covered loss.
  4. Liability Coverage - This is that important coverage that protects you when tenants or their guests are injured or sustain some "other kind" of "loss" that they think is YOUR FAULT and they come after you with vengence and an attorney!

There's other coverages to consider like Medical Payments (usually included), Flood and Earthquake Coverage(BOTH usually NOT included).

Ok so now you at least have a place to start. Let's take a quick look at each one to give you just a little guidance.

This coverage is identical to homeowners insurance in that it protects the building against physical loss from perils like fire, smoke, vandalism, water damage from broken appliances and pipes, falling trees, automobiles, etc. It's usually written on an ALL RISK basis. Which is fancy insurance talk that simply means EVERYTHING except certain listed exclusions is covered. In other words, if something happens to the structure and it's NOT listed in the exclusions... IT'S COVERED!

You'll want to get enough coverage here to rebuild the structure at current construction costs. Ask your agent of a general contractor what current constructions costs would be for a place like yours. For a more complete discussion, read HOW MUCH HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE DO YOU REALLY NEED (the section on the building coverage walks you thru the same thinking you'll need to determine coverage on your rented property.)

This portion provides coverage for items that you likely brought to the property. (Exception here might be a refrigerator or window treatments) Rule of thumb is that if it's permanently part of the structure it's a building item, if not, it's likely a personal property item. Most window treatment items (curtains, blinds, curtain rods) will be personal property (check with your agent to be sure) Refrigerator is personal property. An installed dishwasher is likely a building item.

Usually you don't need too much coverage here -- $2000 to $5000 is usually enough, but add your stuff up to be sure.

This is important to provide a consistent flow of income should you sustain damage to the property that renders it uninhabitable for a period of time. Policies can pay for up to 12 or 24 mos or some offer an indefinite period of time. Usually it's just for a short time like a few days or a week or two.

This could be one of the most important decisions you make regarding your rental property insurance. My advice is to think of $1 Milliion as a minimum. The difference between $300,000 and $1 million is likely less than $100 per year ($8.00 per MONTH) Beleive me, a WISE investment in the protection of EVERYTHING you own. Liability losses can be wide ranging and EXTREMELY varied in nature.

Here's a quick story about one...

Just this year a policyholder called me and told me that they were being sued because their tenant's girlfriend accidentally let the tenant's dog out of the back yard. The dog made a beeline across the street and kicked the stuffing out of the neighbor’s dog. The landlord (NOT the tenant or the girlfriend) was being sued by the neighbor for veterinarian bills that exceeded $3000 and for mental anguish, stress, and… well, you know the drill. Fortunately my policyholder had not only their Rental Dwelling Insurance in place but also a $1 Million Liability Umbrella standing between this crazy neighbor and everything they owned. Without that, this could have been their problem…

They could have been paying off this “little problem” for years. They could have risked everything they own in addition to their FUTURE EARNINGS by not having the foresight to get adequate Rental Dwelling Insurance and a LIABILITY UMBRELLA policy.
You can insure your rental property, your personal property and your liability exposure in one simple policy.

Be sure to take your time and spend a few minutes in the chaos of the transaction to talk with your insurance professional about these important coverages.

You can always call or email me if you have any questions.


It's a Good Life !

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Rockets and Sonics Go Under

The Rockets beat the Sonics, 103-80, combining for just 183 total points to hit the under in tonight's game.

The under gives us another Free NBA Pick victoy, improving our record to 35-19 on the year, which is 65%.

One NBA Play Today Too

One Free NBA Pick today as we look to rebound from yesterday...

Rockets/Sonics Under 194

Our picks are 34-19 for 64% on the season.

Good luck!

Pirates Are the Play Today

We haven't had as many Free MLB Picks as we would like, but we are being very picky with our system this year to ensure maximum results, especially after starting just 2-2 on the year. With that in mind, we have a money line play tonight.

Pittsburgh Pirates ML (+118) over the Chicago Cubs

We like this spot for Pittsburgh and hope to cash in on some positive odds.

Good luck!

Jazz and Hornets Over

We have one Free NBA Pick today with moderate value.

Utah Jazz/New Orleans Hornets OVER 210

Our Free NBA Picks are 34-18, which is 65%, including back-to-back wins.

2-0 Night to End the Tournament Action

The Kansas Jayhawks are your national champions, and you heard it here first. We correctly predicted that Kansas would cover the +2 spread and the game would go under 148 points. Well, Kansas won 75-68, and even with overtime, the two teams scored just 143 points.

The 2-0 national championship game gives us a record of 12-4 in the NCAA Tournament since the Sweet 16, when we started betting 2 units per. We didn't hit 75% all year, but were glad to go out with a bang.

As happy as we are with our night, it's sad that we will no longer be able to bet on college basketball for a few months.

Still, Congrats to Kansas on the win (especially Mario Chalmbers, who hit a clutch three over Derrick Rose with two seconds left to push the game into overtime).

Stay with us tomorrow, as we get back to our NBA Free Picks!

FAQ's California Wireless Law effective July 1, 2008


California finally catches up to what's safe and realistic by enforcing a requirement to use cell phones while operating a motor vehicle with either a wireless or "wired" ear piece. Soon we'll all look like Spock and Lieutenant Uhura from Star Trek with those funny "listening devices" protruding from our ears.You can check out the Official FAQ's at the California Department of Motor Vehicles website, but here's my personal spin.

There will be no grace period. That sounds like really bad news, but it doesn't count as a "real ticket" and the fine for the first offense is only $20.

If you're under 18, you can't talk on the phone AT ALL while driving. This includes talking AND texting. HOORAY! (interestingly, the law doesn't specifically address texting by over 18 operators.

Speaker option is OK. Push to talk is NOT. I guess HANDS FREE means just that.

Calling 911 in an emergency situation is an exception. Makes sense to me.

Good luck. I think this is a law that's LONG OVERDUE and should be enacted in all states. The ONLY accident I've been involved in my last 25 of driving was when I was rearended while stopped at a light when a young girl was REACHING FOR HER CELL PHONE and took here eyes off the road.


It's a Good Life !

Dennis Volz Insurance Agency
10783 Jamacha Bl, Suite 1, Spring Valley, CA 91978
OFFICE: (619) 670-1000 - FAX: (619) 670-1121

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Client Convenience Site:

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National Championship Picks

It's all come down to this. The field of 65 is now the field of just two. Who will cut down the nets? Kansas or Memphis? Our system (and our gut) tells us it will be Bill Self and the Kansas Jayhawks. Here are our picks:

Kansas +2 over Memphis

Kansas/Memphis UNDER 148

We are10-4 in the tournament since the Sweet 16, which is over 71%, and we're looking to add a couple of victories to that record in the tournament's final game.

Good luck!

No Plays Today

In case you didn't notice, there were no plays that fit our system today. Our policy is to never force a play just for the sake of getting in on some action. If it doesn't fit our proven systems, we simply wait it out.

That said, there should be a play tomorrow.

Memphis Wins

Memphis beat UCLA in the Final Four matchup Saturday, but since North Carolina was unable to come from behind against Kansas, we went just 1-1 in the Tournament action.

We are looking at some possible plays tomorrow, but we can asure you that there will be a play for the NCAA Tournament Final on Monday.

Final Four Picks

Here are our plays for the Final Four action tonight:

North Carolina -3 over Kansas

Memphis -2 over UCLA

Good luck!

Jazz Win Big

Our Free NBA Picks are definitely back on track now, as the Jazz beat the Spurs 90-64 and easily covered a measily two point spread.

The win gives us back-to-back covers, improving our Free NBA Picks record to 34-18, which is 65% on the year.

Jazz the Free NBA Pick Tonight

We had a nice win yesterday and we're looking to keep this momentum going tonight.

Utah Jazz -2 over San Antonio Spurs

Home-court advantage, among other things, should be enought to help Deron Williams and the Jazz edge Tony Parker and the Spurs.
Good luck!

Blazers and Rockets Go Under

The Blazers and Rockets combined for just 181 points tonight, two shy of the over/under set at 183. This means the Free NBA Picks are back on track, as we took the under.

Our Free NBA Picks are now 33-18, or 65%, and we're looking forward to the slate of games tomorrow night.

Rockets and Blazers Tonight

We have one Free NBA Pick today.

Houston Rockets/Portland Trail-Blazers UNDER 183

Our plays are 32-18, hitting 64%.

Good luck!

Indians Win!

The Indians beat up on the White Sox 7-2 tonight, showing an offensive effort that would make Harry Doyle (aka Bob Uecker) proud. The win gives us another Free MLB Pick win, and for +135 juice that's even better than Lemmy's homemade lemonade.

We'll have some more picks tomorrow, so we'll see you then!

Another MLB Pick

It's early in the season so it might take a while to get the MLB system to the 67% range that we're used to, but we have a decent play tonight.

Cleveland Indians RL -1 1/2 (+135) over the Chicago White Sox

The Indians shouldn't have to call on Charlie Sheen's character in Major League, Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn, to pull this one out tonight.

Good luck!

Wizards are the Play

Our Free NBA Picks have hit a bit of a rough patch, but are still hitting 65% on the year at 32-17. We have on small play tonight.

Washington Wizards -9.5 over the Milwaukee Bucks

The Wizards may be without a few players, namely Caron Butler, but they will have Antawn Jamison to exploit Desmond Mason and the rest of the Bucks lackluster defense.

Besides, the Bucks are so bad on the road that it doesn't really matter who the Wizards throw out on the court.

Good luck and let's get back on track!

The Paint on my Fender Isn't Going To Match the Rest of the Car

Face it. Paint fades over time. Your car sits out in he sun and gets weather-beaten by rain, snow, etc. After a few years, the paint looks OK, but you can tell that it isn't like it was when the car was brand new.

Then.... you have a little fender bender and your left front fender is crunched. Damage isn't all that bad, but you need a new headlight and some paint when it's all done.

Doesn't matter how good the body shop is at matching the color. Actually most of it is completely computer driven and there's specific formulas for a given year and make of the car. The body shop can match the paint spot-on PERFECT. That's NOT your problem though.

The new paint is new and the rest of the paint is not. While it will match perfectly to the color it won't look the same and you want to paint the rest of the car. You think the insurance company should pay for that.

THEY WON'T. (usually)

Matching paint is not their concern. It's been round and round in the courts and it's just not a case you're going win. There could be an exception if you're dealing with the insurance company of the AT-FAULT driver who hit your car. I'll talk abou that next.

Sadly the case is that the insurance company is NOT obgligated to match the paint on the rest of the car. You might get an adjoining door painted or a little "blending" of some kind, but if you want the paint matched by painting the whole car, you'll have to pay for the DIFFERENCE yourself.
Take heart though! This is an OPPORTUNITY!
You might be able to strike some kind of deal with the body shop to paint the whole car. Remember most of the cost of painting is to set up the job -- Masking; mixing the paint, booth time, drying time, etc. That's all the same if they paint a fender or the whole car.

Make a deal with the body shop OUTSIDE of the insurance deal to paint the rest of the car. You'll get a better price and you can ethically let the insurance pay for all that set up on THEIR nickle.

If you were hit by someone else and are dealing with THEIR insurance company, you might be able to get some consideration for the non-matching paint. NOT MUCH, mind you, but something. This won't work if the accident was your fault because your car is being repaired under the collision portion of your policy and there's no provision for a liability-type payment (which this is) in that portion of the policy and the adjuster (even if they want to) CAN'T pay for that for you.

Before you go after this, be sure you get into the head of the adjuster and know WHAT THEY NEED to write you that check by reading (at least the Purple Section of:
They're NOT offering me enough for my vehicle.

You'll need to document the reduced value of your car because of the non-matching paint. It may only be worth a few hundred dollars, but it might be worth your time. Talk to some used car lots or people who sell cars a lot and you'll get some ideas. You'll need to get something in writing so you might want to be willing to type something up on their stationery and return to get their signature. Ask them what to say and you'll be on your way.

Remember the claim settlement gig is a process. Take your time and help the adjuster document their file and you'll get a better settlement.



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Options When You Have Damage from a Prior Accident

A client called me yesterday with an interesting dilemma. Said that recently, when his car was parked on the street, it was hit by a Fire Truck on a call. Kind of unusual as Fire Truck Drivers are usually pretty good at what they do.

Nevertheless, he was concerned because on the same side of the car there was some damage from a prior accident and wanted to see if he could get that fixed at the same time. He also wanted to make sure the paint matched the rest of the car. So here's the advice I offered to Steve.

The insurance company is only going to pay for the damage that was a direct result of the accident caused by the Fire Truck. Nothing more, nothing less.

Your best bet is to make a deal with the body shop OUTSIDE of the parameters of the insurance company settlement. Here's why.

Anytime you repair a car there are some fixed expenses that are there regardless of the size of the job. The car has floor time, rack time, parts to order, paint booth time, drying time, set up the paint sprayer time, set up the sander time, on and on and on. The body shop will appropriately include most of that in the estimate for the insurance portion of the repair. Then the body shop might to ahead and fix your "other fender" for less because they have to go through all that set up stuff anyway.

Talk to your estimator at the shop see if you can't make a bettter deal. I bet you can.



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MLB Play of the Day

Again we have one system play in MLB, hoping to recover some of the juice we layed yesterday.

Minnesota Twins ML (+120) over the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. What a mouthful.

Good luck!

(And yes, we do mean ML today)