Lemmy Rolls Up His Sleeves

Some of you might have been wondering what we were up to yesterday, when we had one of those rare days when there were no plays that fit our systems.

Well, don't think some of us weren't busy. Stock Lemon mascot, Lemmy, went ahead and added a handy little feature to the right-side column of the website. Without the benefit of limbs as well as the obvious handicap of being nothing more than a tasty lemon with human facial features, Lemmy constructed a page element titled "Lemmy's Resume."

In that section, you will find how our past systems have done, just so you know that this is not some thrown-together operation. We are a legitimate organization providing a completely FREE service to our readers, so take advantage!

Our records are backed up in the archives as documented right here at stocklemon.blogspot.com, so go ahead and look for yourselves if you want to make sure that we really are that good while Lemmy takes his lunch break.

Check back tomorrow for more absolutely FREE picks.