New Free MLB Pick System

After a dismal 2-3 start with our Free MLB Picks to start the year, we decided to overhaul the system that we were using to something more similar to what we used last year.

This lengthy process is the reason there haven't been any MLB Picks recently, but we believe we finally have the system where we want it, and have one play tonight.

Chicago White Sox ML (-137) over the New York Yankees

We're laying a lot of chalk and betting over one unit so that we would win a unit in return. We don't like betting this amount of chalk, and were waiting as long as we could for this line to drop, but it looks like we're stuck with it. The first pitch is in a little over a half an hour, so we apologize for that late post, but we were really hoping to get rid of some of this juice.

We have no plays for the three NBA games tonight, so hopefully our new Free MLB Pick system is enough to hold you over until tomorrow's games. Let's make the MLB stand for Money in Lemmy's Bank.

Good luck!