We Still Like the Pistons

Call us crazy, but even down 3-2 in the series to the Boston Celtics, we like the Detroit Pistons to come out on top not only in Game 6, but in the series to advance to the NBA Finals

Detroit Pistons -5 over the Boston Celtics

Rip Hamilton will be splitting Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett for easy buckets yet again tonight, as he will suck it up and play as the Pistons try to avoid elimination.

Good luck!

The Reds It Is

Our Free MLB Picks are 5-2 in their last seven, and we have another one tonight.

Cincinnati Reds -1 1/2 (+135) over the Atlanta Braves

The last two games in which we've played the run line (-1 1/2), the team we bet on won--by one. Translation: play this one at your own risk. Still, we think Ken Griffey Jr. and the Reds will get it done at home.

Good luck!

Obscure Athlete Drinking Photos

By now, you've probably all seen plenty of pictures on the internet of professional athletes drinking and partying as if cameras don't exist and nobody will see them enjoying their free time. Many of these images end up on popular sites like Deadspin, but aren't they getting a little old? Forget about, among others, the Matt Leinart house parties or the soft-core porn that is Vince Young partying semi-nude with a bunch of dudes.

What's that? The star quarterback is out partying!?! Booooring. Ever since Joe Namath, NFL quarterbacks have been taking beer bongs and stripping in front of other men (maybe that's just Vince), it's what star quarterbacks are supposed to do.

Fortunately, Stock Lemon has what true fans are really dying to see--pictures of backup position players out partying! So without further ado, we present to you four of the most obscure players in the NFL... getting drunk! For starters, here's New York Giants backup defensive end Dave Tollefson, keeping it real, yo.

Then there's Green Bay Packers punter Jon Ryan, whose had a little too much pale with his ale.
And here's journeyman kicker Dave Rayner, currently with the Miami Dolphins, blending in nicely with some friends.

Lastly, how about Detroit Lions third-string running back Brian Calhoun, getting in the shotgun formation and then, naturally, scoring.

We know you love your "athletes getting drunk" photos out there on the internet, but that's about all the obscurity we can handle. It's always nice to know that even NFL players are really just regular guys who do regular things like consume alcoholic beverages. And gamble.

Let's Try This Again

Two days ago, we bet the Lakers and Spurs to go over 192 points in the game, and we fell just short.

Well, we're trying again today, although this time the over is at 193. We also have a smaller play on the Lakers to advance to the NBA Finals.

Los Angeles Lakers/San Antonio Spurs OVER 193

Lakers -8 over the Spurs

Pau Gasol and the Lakers are back in L.A. and should blow by Tim Duncan and the defending champs, although spotting the Spurs eight points isn't always the best idea. Either way, these teams should put up the points tonight.

Good luck!

Take the Mets Tonight

We've had a busy week outside of the website, so we don't have any analysis for this pick. All we'll say is that we like it. A lot.

New York Mets -1 1/2 (+130) over the Florida Marlins

Our Free MLB Picks have been hot at 5-1 in their last six, and we're trying to keep that going tonight.

Good luck!

Playoff Over Tonight

We have just one play today in the NBA Playoffs.

Los Angeles Lakers/San Anotonio Spurs OVER 192

Good luck!

Cubs Win!

Thanks to an early two-run homer by Derek Lee, the Cubs took care of the Dodgers today, 3-1. As expected, Ryan Dempster pitched well, so the Cubbies didn't need the offense to dominate as it has all year. The Cubs win means another win for our Free MLB Picks, which, after a slow start, are now at 9-9 on the year.

That record doesn't do justice to how hot the picks have been lately though, as they are now 5-1 in the last six. Did we mention they had a slow start?

Regardless, the picks are clearly heating up, and this last stretch has been more like what we've grown accustomed to with this system.

Tune Into The Lemmy Channel

It's Monday, folks, which can only mean one thing: a new episode of The Lemmy Channel! Our recent partnership with the fine folks over at The Bucky Channel means that you'll get a new episode of Lemmy-filled fun every Monday over at their site.

This week, Lemmy gives some betting tips on The Bucky Channel's beloved Milwaukee Brewers. While they might not be winning right now, there's still a way to win money on Brewers' games. Click here to see this week's episode, and in case you missed it, click here for The Lemmy Channel's debut from last week.

Enjoy your Memorial Day, and whatever you do, don't change the channel!

Cubs are the Memorial Day Pick

We have some afternoon baseball for you tomorrow with a Memorial Day edition of our Free MLB Picks.

Chicago Cubs -130 over the Los Angeles Dodgers

We're laying a little bit of chalk on the Cubs at home, but Ryan Dempster has been pitching well enough to justify doing so.

Our Free MLB Picks are 4-1 in the last five, so sit back, relax, and enjoy some baseball on Memorial Day.

Good luck!

Buy a Vowel

There are no plays in either the MLB or the NBA that fit our system for today, but we do have a puzzle for you courtesy of Wheel of Fortune. Can you solve it?

We'll be back with more free picks next week, and if you aren't convinced that we can win you some cash, here's a quick glance at how hot our picks have been lately:

Free NBA Picks: 11-4 in last 15; 8-2 in last 10
Free MLB Picks: 4-1 in last five

We'll see you back here tomorrow!

Pistons Are the Play Tonight

The Free NBA Picks are rolling at 8-1 in the last nine and we have another play tonight.

Detroit Pistons -5 over the Boston Celtics

The Celtics are 0-6 on the road in the playoffs, and until they prove they can win away from home, we're going to keep betting against them (and winning).

Good luck!

Whose Insurance Does What during "DELAYED POSSESSION"?

Got this great question from Jennifer Allan, author of Sell With Soul today and thought the answer might be helpful.

Hey Dennis...

What's the deal when a home sells and closes, but there's a delayed possession - that is - the seller retains possession of the property for a few days past closing to move out?

If there's damage... which homeowners policy pays? The buyer's (who owns the property, but hasn't yet taken possession) or the seller's (who no longer owns the property)?


WOW! Great questions, Jennifer.

Homeowners insurance for the buyer goes into force to close escrow. After the closing, the BUYER owns and insures the house. Should there be damage to the home, it would fall on the BUYER'S insurance to cover the loss. The new owner would be responsible to pay the deductible. (there could be some stipulations in the RENT BACK AGREEMENT about that, but without some agreement to the contrary, that's how it would likely settle out.)

Loss to any contents of the SELLER (those items remaining while they move out) could be covered one of two ways.

1. Using the homeowners insurance for THEIR (the sellers) new home
2. Using Renters Insurance if they're moving to a rental
Most insurance companies offer at least 30 days of "EITHER PLACE" coverage. In other words, their stuff can be covered by their existing policy for up to 30 days in the old OR the new location. So if they're moving to another home, they will have homeowners insurance in place on that new home. If they're moving to a rental, they need to roll their old homeowners insurance over to RENTERS INSURANCE for the new residence at the close of escrow, In either case, the EITHER PLACE coverage still applies using the new insurance policies to cover their contents during moving.

If you have any questions, please call, write, email, signal flags, or smoke signals.... :)

p.s. My insurance company, which is available nationwide, offers additional location coverage without a time limit. In other words, your stuff is covered anywhere in the world -- PERIOD. Doesn't matter if you're moving, storing, vacationing, or stocking your Ski Chalet in Switzerland.

Point here being that not all insurance companies handle this situation exactly the same. Check with your local insurance professional to be sure.


It's a Good Life !

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10783 Jamacha Bl, Suite 1, Spring Valley, CA 91978
OFFICE: (619) 670-1000 - FAX: (619) 670-1121


Websites: Company Site: DennisVolzInsurance.com

Client Convenience Site: 6701000.com

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Lakers Win... Big!

Our Free NBA Picks indicated that the Lakers should beat the Spurs by at least six points last night, and as always, we put our faith in our system. We just didn't think it would be that easy.

The Lake Show beat up on the defending champs 101-71 in a blowout last night, and are now up 2-0 in the series and just two more wins away from a return to the NBA Finals.

Lamar Odom (seen above dunking on an exasperated Tim Duncan) had a huge night, as Pau Gasol (also looking sort of exasperated in the above photo) and Kobe Bryant were content to let Odom take the reigns, although Kobe still got his points.

The Lakers cover gives our Free NBA Picks a record of 8-1 in the last nine, and 11-3 in the last 14. Overall they are just 14-12 in the playoffs, but clearly have caught fire in the last week or two, as they always seem to. We put those records in yellow, since the color of lemons as well as those Laker jerseys also happens to be the color of money. Well, not really, but figuratively at least.

Remember to keep checking back throughout the weekend and beyond for more absolutely free picks.

Take the Lakers Tonight

We have another Free NBA Pick tonight and hope to continue on our 7-1 streak (10-3 in the last 13).

Los Angeles Lakers -6 over the San Antonio Spurs

After coming back from a twenty-point defecit to win game one, Pau Gasol and the Lakers should take game two in much easier fashion over Manu Ginobili and the Spurs

Good luck!

Pistons Cover for Another Free NBA Pick Win!

The Pistons handed the Boston Celtics their first home loss of the playoffs with a 103-97 win, covering the +5 spread along the way.

The win ties the series at 1-1, but more importantly, it gives us another Free NBA Pick win, making our system 10-3 in the last 13 games and 7-1 in their last eight.

Overall, our Free NBA Picks are 13-12 in the playoffs, recovering nicely after a horrible start. They are 53-32 including the regular season, which is a modest 62%.

Check back tomorrow (and the day after that, and the day after that, etc.) for more winners--at the low, low price of free.

NBA Playoff Picks Remain Hot

Our Free NBA Picks are back on track at 9-3 in their last 12, and we've got another one tonight.

Detroit Pistons +5 over the Boston Celtics

Rasheed Wallace and the Pistons have started slow in every series thus far, but usually rebound and play much better in Game 2. Our numbers indicate that they should do just that again tonight against Kevin Garnett and the Celtics.

Good luck!

Lakers and Spurs Go Under

Down by 20 points in the third quarter, the Lakers came back to beat the Spurs 89-85 yesterday, which is fine by us, so long as they didn't score over 196 points.

This under makes our Free NBA Picks 9-3 in the last 12, which is 75%, so ride them while they're hot!

Western Conference Finals Play

We have one Free NBA Pick tonight for the Western Conference Finals between the Spurs and Lakers, in what should be an interesting series. Both Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant have been this far in the playoffs plenty of times in their respective careers, so it won't be decided by experience.

San Antonio Spurs/Los Angeles Lakers UNDER 196

These teams got here by playing defense (well, at least the Spurs did) and we expect more of that tonight. Our Free NBA Picks are 8-3 in the last 11 games.

Good luck!

Looking for Five in a Row

Our Free MLB Picks are heating up, and we've got another one tonight.

Philadelphia Phillies -1 1/2 over the Washington Nationals

Cole Hamels is on the mound for the Phils, so we expect to get this win streak to five tonight.

Good luck!

The Lemmy Channel Premieres

Some like their beer with a lime, but in Wisconsin, they prefer a lemon. Although he may be a little fruity for some, our very own Lemmy is quickly becoming a recognizable figure in the world of sports... particularly in the Badger State.

We've teamed up with our friends at The Bucky Channel to begin a weekly feature hosted on their site titled "The Lemmy Channel." There, Lemmy will squeeze out some insight on the juicy picks for the upcoming week, as well as recap some of his previous adventures. Check out the debut edition here.

So why The Bucky Channel? Well, they've shown an interest in our site from the very start, and after tailing us for our impressive Free NBA Pick run in the regular season, let's just say they owe us some free publicity. Aside from that, we enjoy reading their opinions (even when they aren't about us) and would recommend them to anyone who enjoys sports, regardless of who you root for.

Don't worry, though, this doesn't mean that we'll start being partial towards The Bucky Channel's home town teams (there's no way we're touching the Brewers right now).

So check out The Bucky Channel, keep checking out Stock Lemon, and keep cashing those winning checks!

Cubs Make it Four Straight in MLB!

Our Free MLB Picks started slow, and as always, we told you to hang in there and wait for the inevitable hot streak.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you your hot streak.

The Cubs knocked off the Astros 7-2 yesterday, giving us a four-game win streak as well as finally getting our Free MLB Picks back to .500 at 8-8.

As we've said countless times, it usually takes until about mid-May for these picks to really start getting into a groove, and that's exactly what's happening.

MLB Tonight, NBA Futures

Despite the deciding game seven of the Hornets and Spurs being played tonight, we do not have a play on this game that fits our system. We do, however, have one MLB play for tonight.

Chicago Cubs -1 1/2 (+125) over the Houston Astros

Lance Berkman and the Astros are hot, but Alfonso Soriano and the Cubs are hotter. Our Free MLB Picks went 3-0 on Saturday, and we expect to add another win to our record.

In addition to the MLB play tonight, we have some NBA Future Bets on the Pistons/Celtics Eastern Conference Finals. These are not Free NBA Picks, but are plays we are making nonetheless. They are:

Pistons to win the Series (+115 at Bodog)

Will the Celtics Win a Road Game in this Series? NO (+165 at Bodog)

So there you have them. We like the Pistons to advance the NBA Finals and the Celtics road woes to continue.

For tonight, though, just the Cubs to beat up on the Stros. Good luck!
UPDATE: We took the Pistons in the series at +115 odds.

There's Still No Place Like Home

We have one Free NBA Playoff Pick for Sunday, and if you've been following us through most of the second round, you might already know who our numbers favor.

Boston Celtics -7.5 over the Cleveland Cavaliers

Our system has really caught on to the trends of the second round, and it's payed off. Home teams are 21-2 in the second round of the NBA Playoffs, and Boston is 7-0 at home through the first two rounds, so this -7.5 spread shouldn't be too troubling.

Our Free NBA Picks are 8-2 in their last ten games, and we expect to continue that hot streak.

Good luck!

Another MLB Under Gives Us Perfect 3-0 Day!

The Rockies beat the Twins 3-2 tonight, scoring less than half of the 10.5 runs they needed to spoil our perfect day.

This 3-0 day proves that our Free MLB Picks are right on par with where they've been at this point in the season in previous years, and if that's the case we should be in for another profitable season.

We have a Free NBA Pick on the way, so stay with us as we try to build on our 8-2 NBA record in the last 10 games.

Marlins Make it Two for Two

We were a little reluctant to post three Free MLB Picks, since they are yet to really heat up yet, but all three plays fit our system, so we went ahead and posted them all--and it looks like it paid off.

With one MLB game still in progress, our Free MLB Picks are two for two so far, thanks to the Marlins 7-3 victory over the Royals. This win (highlighted by a five run seventh inning)guarantees our Free MLB Picks a winning day regardless, but we wouldn't mind taking all three of these system plays to the bank.

Remember to keep checking back for more MLB winners throughout the year!

So Far, So Good

The first of our three Free MLB Picks is in the books, with the Reds beating the Indians 4-2 to go under 8.5 runs, as our system indicated it would. An Adam Dunn walk-off homer for the Reds made sure that this one ended at six runs, with no chance for any extra innings shenanigans.

Two more MLB games are pending, so as always, stay tuned!

Three Free MLB Picks For Saturday

We told you our Free MLB Picks system usually starts churning out winners in the middle of May, and part of that is due to our success in recent years in interleague play. With that in mind, we have three interleague MLB games today, and with no NBA Playoff action, they aren't a day too soon.

Florida Marlins ML (-122) over the Kansas City Royals

Cleveland Indians/Cincinnati Reds UNDER 8.5

Colorado Rockies/Minnesota Twins UNDER 10.5

Good luck and enjoy the Saturday baseball! We'll be back with another hot Free NBA Pick for tomorrow.

Cavs Make it Five in a Row!

Another second round NBA playoff game, another victorious home team. With a 74-69 win by the Cavaliers over the Celtics, the home teams in the second round are now 21-1 straight up! More importantly, we've finally been picking some of those winners.

Thanks to LeBron James and the Cavs shooting all over Paul Pierce and the Celtics, Cleveland covered the -3 spread and knocked the Celtics to 0-6 overall on the road in the playoffs.

After a slow start to the playoffs, Our Free NBA Picks have now won five straight, and are 8-2 in the last 10. Slow start might be an understatement. We like to toot our own horns here, but we're also not trying to fool anyone--these picks were struggling. After hitting 67% in the regular season, we began the playoffs just 3-9. No, that's not a typo. Hopefully you stuck with us, as we've finally crawled back to .500 in the playoffs. The Free NBA Picks are finally back to where we except them to be, so tell your friends to come along for the ride!

Here's a record update for the Free NBA Picks this year:

Regular Season: 40-20... 67%
Playoffs: 11-11... 50% (finally heating up)
Overall: 51-31... 62%
Last 10: 8-2... 80%
Current Streak: W5

Sticking With the Home Team

In a similar situation to last night, we're going with a team that was in the NBA Finals last year and is facing elimination at home. With the home teams compiling an insane record of 20-1 in the second round, and with the Celtics a grand total of 0-5 on the road in the playoffs, our gut matches our Free NBA Pick numbers.

Cleveland Cavaliers -3 over the Boston Celtics

Anyone remember the dunk LeBron James had on Kevin Garnett the last time these two met up in Cleveland? Expect more of that tonight, as LeBron and his mom take down the Boston Three Party. Our Free NBA Picks have won seven of nine, so get them while they're hot!

Good luck!

Spurs Cover!

Make that 20-1 in favor of the home teams in the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

The Spurs beat up on the Hornets, as expected, by a final score of 99-80, easily covering the -7 spread. The Spurs win makes our Free NBA Picks an impressive 7-2 in the last nine games, as Manu Ginobili and Co. forced game seven against Peja Stojakovic and the young Hornets.

The 19 point win also means that every game in this particular series has been decided by ten points or more--something to consider when betting on the deciding seventh game.

We plan on continuing this hot streak, so long as you plan on following right along with us.

There's No Place Like Home

Through 20 games in the second round of the NBA Playoffs, the home team is a combined 19-1. 19-1! The Spurs have home court tonight against the Hornets, and facing elimination, our numbers indicate that this should be another home court blowout.

San Antonio Spurs -7 over the New Orleans Hornets

Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, and the rest of the defending champs should be able to contain Chris Paul and the up and coming Hornets, at least on their own court.

Our Free NBA Picks are 6-2 in the last eight games, so hopefully the Spurs will keep the momentum going.

Good luck!

Red Sox the Free MLB Play

The Red Sox have lost three in a row, and close out a road trip today in Baltimore. Our numbers show that they should close it out with a victory.

Boston Red Sox ML (-118) over the Baltimore Orioles

Our Free MLB Picks were just 1-1 yesterday, but David Ortiz and the Sox should be able to avoid a fourth straight loss in this one.

Good luck!

Pirates and Cardinals Go Over in Ten

It took them an extra inning, but the Cardinals and Pirates scored over nine runs, thanks to a four run Pirate inning to win it 8-4 in ten.

Going into extras at 4-4, we knew we were at least in line for a push, but once again we got more than that and secured a winning day. Our Free NBA Picks usually start heating up about this time, so let's hope this is the first of many future covers.

Magic Cover in a Close Playoff Loss

Despite being the first team eliminated from the second round of the NBA Playoffs, the Magic's 91-86 loss was not for naught.

By losing to the Pistons by just five points, the Magic covered the +7 spread, giving our Free NBA Picks their sixth win in the last eight games.

A late lay-up by Keith Bogans helped us avoid the push and finally grab a cover in a close game. Our previous three games decided by two points or less were all one-point losses, so it's nice to have the ball finally bounce our way again.

On a side note, the home teams in the second round of the playoffs are now a combined 16-1, with an earlier Magic loss to the Pistons in Orlando serving as the lone home defeat.

The Free NBA Picks are picking up steam and returning to the production they showed in the regular season, so enjoy the ride!

Bonus Free MLB Pick

Although we already have a Free MLB Pick for today, we can't pass up playing a rare over/under. We've been very liberal early in the season with our Free MLB Picks, but we feel confident with both of these picks today.

Pittsburgh Pirates/St. Louis Cardinals OVER 9

Albert Pujols, fresh off a rare day of rest, will continue his hot streak, and we think that both the Cardinals and Pirates will follow suit.

Good luck!

Tuesday's Free MLB Pick

Tough break in a crazy game yesterday, but we feel better about our Free MLB Pick tonight.

Houston Astros ML (+110) over the San Francisco Giants

Lance Berkman and the 'Stros have been playing well, and should take care of the Giants, even on the road.

Do You Believe in Magic?

We have one Free NBA Pick today in the Easter Conference.

Orlando Magic +7 over the Detroit Pistons

Dwight Howard and the Magic are playing for their playoff lives, trailing Rasheed Wallace and the Pistons 3-1 in the series. We think the Magic will come out firing in this one.

Good luck!

Cavaliers and Celtics Go Under

Whether you got it at 185 or 182 or 166, it didn't matter in the end, as all under bets prevailed in the Cavaliers 88-77 victory over the Celtics. The teams combined for a total of just 165 points as the Cavs evened the series up at two games a piece.

For us, it means the Free NBA Picks are finally gaining some traction again. Our system has won five of the last seven contests, including back-to-back plays.

Free MLB Picks Are Back

It's been a while since we've had a Free MLB Pick, as we're being extremely picky with the system to ensure that only the strong plays end up as Free MLB Picks for the readers here at Stock Lemon. And, finally, we have a strong play for our faithful readers today.

Seattle Mariners ML -116 over the Texas Rangers

In case you missed it, there's a little bit of bad blood between these two teams at the moment, possibly stemming from the time Richie Sexson threw a helmet at and then tackled Rangers pitcher Kason Gabbard... four days ago.

We like Big Sexy's Mariners to take the Rangers down like Gabbard today. Good luck and let's hope for another brawl!

Another NBA Playoff Bet

We have one play today as we try to continue to the small momentum from a 4-2 NBA weekend.

Boston Celtics/Cleveland Cavaliers UNDER 185

Good luck!

UPDATE: We realize that this line is now lower than 185. We placed our bet yesterday at Bodog, but to avoid confusion, we always post our bets on the day of the game. We will try post as soon as we make a bet, and be very clear about what day the game is on. Posting in advance is especially confusing in MLB, when teams play each other for consecutive days, so we generally try to avoid it this time of year.

Mother Knows Best

When Lemmy's mom is giving out our Free NBA Picks, it's always a good idea to take her advice. As they say, mother knows best.

That was the case today, as Deron Williams and the Jazz blew by Pau Gasol and the Lakers in overtime, 123-115, covering the -1 spread.

After a slow start, the Free NBA Playoff Picks have won four of the last six games, and we expect our system to continue picking winners now that we're seemingly back on track.

Enjoy the rest of your Mother's Day, and make sure to wish the same to one of our favorite mothers, Bookie Mom, as well.

Lemmy's Mother Makes a Pick

It's Mother's Day, and Lemmy would just like to take this opportunity to thank his mother for teaching him of her roots, letting him branch out, and leaving him his own space to be creative. Fore it was Lemmy's mother who inspired the creation of Stock Lemon when she proclaimed, "when life gives you lemons, start a gambling advice website."

So thank you, not only to Lemmy's mom, but to moms everywhere. Sappy business aside, Lemmy's mother gave her son a pick today, knowing that the Free NBA Picks have been a little off lately.

Utah Jazz -1 over the Los Angeles Lakers

Lemmy's mother feels that the Jazz will make like a tree and leave Utah with the series tied at two games apiece.

Good luck!

That's More Like It!

Our Free NBA Picks appear to be back on track, with the Detroit Pistons covering and going under against the Orlando Magic today.

Thanks to Rip Hamilton and company, we've now won our last three bets, and hopefully we can keep this momentum going for the Boston Celtics/Cleveland Cavaliers match-up later tonight.

Four Eastern Conference Playoff Picks!

After our Free NBA Pick system finally picked a winner again last night, our faith in said system has been restored.

How much do we believe that our system will still hit at the 67% rate it hit during the regular season? Enough to place four bets on today's Eastern Conference Action. Yes, we said four.

According to the system, all four plays are solid values, so we're going to put our faith in our Free NBA Picks and get a little crazy with an unprecedented four play day. If you can't tell from Lemmy's playoff bracket shown above, the four plays are:

Boston Celtics +2 over the Cleveland Cavaliers

Boston Celtics/Cleveland Cavaliers UNDER 177

Detroit Pistons +5 over the Orlando Magic

Detroit Pistons/Orlando Magic UNDER 188

Either the Pistons or Celtics will likely represent the East in the NBA Finals, and we like both of them getting points in low-scoring contests tonight.

Good luck!


The Jazz beat the Lakers 104-99 tonight in the second round of the NBA Playoffs, but more importantly, the two teams combined to score under 217 points, finally giving us another Free NBA Playoff Pick winner.

The Free NBA Picks have been struggling, and it's good to get back on track. Hopefully this is the beginning of another hot streak!

Let's Try This Again

We have one more Free NBA Pick before we re-visit the system, so play at your own risk.

Los Angeles Lakers/Utah Jazz UNDER 217

Good luck

Mean Machine Interested in Acquiring Harrison

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison may have gotten himself into all sorts of trouble in Philadelphia, but whatever happens, he'll be able to continue playing football, regardless.

Reports out of Allenville indicate that the Mean Machine have a strong interest in Harrison should he become available. Quarterback Michael Vick told coach Burt Reynolds that he would love to have another deep threat (on the field) to play alongside Rae Carruth. The former Falcons quarterback has looked sharp so far in practice, but feels the team could benefit from adding Harrison prior to their first and only game of the 2008 schedule.

"I've always wanted to play with Marvin," Vick said. "He's a tremendous player and he'd really help provide a spark for us. These last few practices we've been dead as dogs... er... uh... we've been really tired. He could really help us in the big game against the Guards, so hopefully he ends up in jail over this."

Vick's current No. 1 target, former Panthers wide receiver Rae Carruth, is open to the competition.

"Harrison's play-making ability and work ethic would be a huge boost to this team," Carruth said. "Lately, our guys have been practicing like a bunch of babies. And I hate babies. I hate them so much."

Whether they are able to acquire Harrison prior to the game against the Guards is uncertain, but the Mean Machine plan on doing "whatever it takes" to try and get Harrison behind bars.

I've had a FIRE! What do I do now?

Fire can be one of the most traumatic and devastating losses anyone can experience.

If you've had a fire and there were injuries or a death, my sincere condolences. If you've experienced just loss to property, please take a moment to be thankful that there we no injuries or death.

You're probably still in shock that this has happened to you and bewildered by the seemingly endless task ahead of you. This is going to be a ONE DAY AT A TIME process. If you can settle into that thinking, this will be much easier. Every day that you make progress toward rebuilding your life is a WIN. Ask yourself at the start of each day, "What does WIN THE DAY look like
TODAY?" Make a VERY SHORT list of a few things that will get you to that WIN THE DAY feeling and be happy with that.

If your loss is a severe one (a total loss or one where SUBSTANTIAL work is required to get you back into your home) then you need to first think about some long-term living arrangements.

This should be your first priority. You might be put up with friends or in a hotel at first and you may need to get some basic items like clothing, personal items (toothbrush, etc) but don't get involved with any other stuff until you're settled into where you're going to live.

Your insurance company should be very generous here. You can usually rent a place similar to yours at their expense. They won't pay you any extra though.

For example, if you were renting a house or apartment, you won't be required to pay rent while you're out of your home, so you'll just be paying rent someplace else. The insurance company might make up the difference if there's nothing available similar to yours. The goal is to keep your monthly expense about the same.

If you owned a house, you'll still be responsible for your mortgage so the insurance company
should pick up the entire cost of renting another place.

Just rent some furniture for now and then SLOWLY, replace it with items you purchase along the way. You'll have plenty of time to shop for furniture once the contractor gets busy rebuilding your home.

OK. So now you have a "home base" from which to rebuild your life. Its important to have this so you can focus on gathering, replacing, purchasing the things, memories and items necessary for daily living.
DON'T BE TOO HASTY TO "HIRE" THE SERVICES of a 'PUBLIC ADJUSTER'. This is someone who will show up EARLY. (like while the fire department is putting the hoses back on their truck) They will tell you that they will do all the negotiating with the "big bad" insurance company for you for a small fee. SAY NO FOR NOW.... (you can always go to them later and their "small fee" is THOUSANDS of dollars....) You're better of without them.

Your claim adjuster is going to be your new best friend. That's an important mind-set to adopt. Look to him as a source of information, encouragement and ideas to get the most out of your insurance policy. The company I'm with (and most companies) will look for ways to BE ABLE TO PAY YOU rather than looking for ways to get out of paying you. Remember, losses are calculated into what they charge and a good claim experience and positive results serve them much better than saving a couple thousand dollars by nickel and diming you to death.

TAKE NOTES. You should pick up a 3-ring binder w/ some paper. You might want to get some tabbed pages to keep track of THINGS TO DO, NOTES ON CALLS, CONTACT INFORMATION, etc. Remember think MARATHON not SPRINT. You're going to need a central location (the notebook and maybe a small file
box) to keep track of your information.

They're going to start by giving you an overview of the entire process. There will be a contractor to find, plans to draw up, lists to create, receipts to keep, and plans to make. Take good notes and remember to keep thinking 'just one day at a time.'
KEEP YOUR PERSPECTIVE AND HAVE FUN! Yeah, I know that sounds a little off. But this is such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You get to start all over. Fresh! New!

Make a decision to enjoy this process -- This curve ball that life has thrown your way. If you're married you can play 'newlyweds' all over again. If you're single you can make a substantial change in your lifestyle, your look, anything you want.

Decide to be BETTER not bitter because of it.

Yes.... Make a conscious decision that this is probably one of the most exciting adventures you'll ever have. Get just a few things and relish in how simple life can be. You'll "clutter back up" soon enough so just enjoy the spartan simplicity.

Buy a different brand of underwear, splurge on some really plush socks, or get a pair of just THE COOLEST JEANS EVER! Try out new ways of cooking with new dishes. Get back to enjoying the simple things in life. You'll be a bigger and better person because of it.

Don't forget to let your friends help you. You'll deepen your relationships and forge new friendships along the way. Just let it all happen.


There's way too many variations and possibilities to go into within the scope of this blog. But here's a few things to think about as you begin to work with your adjuster and contractor.
  1. The insurance company will generally pay to build the house just like the one you lost but YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUILD IT THE SAME WAY. If you've always wanted a big picture window on the west side... then GET ONE!
  2. Take your time with your architect or making your own sketches of how you want your house rebuilt. You might even be able to change the "footprint" of the slab (the basic shape and orientation of the house) One of my clients who lost their home in the San Diego fires of 2003 had always lamented that the side of the house with the best view had just one little tiny window. Well.... They fixed that w/ 4 huge picture windows and instead of having the bathroom there, it was their den and fireplace area. Turned out BEAUTIFULLY!
  3. Have a plan to refurnish your home. Just slowly replace your rented furniture with your new stuff as the "building the home" process unfolds.

The process of rebuilding your home can be the most challenging event you've ever experienced. It can also (at the same time) be the most rewarding and life-changing! After all, if you can survive this, sitting in traffic or having to replace your refrigerator just won't phase you any more.

Contact me if you have any questions.


It's a Good Life !

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