Mean Machine Interested in Acquiring Harrison

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison may have gotten himself into all sorts of trouble in Philadelphia, but whatever happens, he'll be able to continue playing football, regardless.

Reports out of Allenville indicate that the Mean Machine have a strong interest in Harrison should he become available. Quarterback Michael Vick told coach Burt Reynolds that he would love to have another deep threat (on the field) to play alongside Rae Carruth. The former Falcons quarterback has looked sharp so far in practice, but feels the team could benefit from adding Harrison prior to their first and only game of the 2008 schedule.

"I've always wanted to play with Marvin," Vick said. "He's a tremendous player and he'd really help provide a spark for us. These last few practices we've been dead as dogs... er... uh... we've been really tired. He could really help us in the big game against the Guards, so hopefully he ends up in jail over this."

Vick's current No. 1 target, former Panthers wide receiver Rae Carruth, is open to the competition.

"Harrison's play-making ability and work ethic would be a huge boost to this team," Carruth said. "Lately, our guys have been practicing like a bunch of babies. And I hate babies. I hate them so much."

Whether they are able to acquire Harrison prior to the game against the Guards is uncertain, but the Mean Machine plan on doing "whatever it takes" to try and get Harrison behind bars.