3-1 MLB Day!

As you may have noticed, we decided to do something we rarely ever do on major sporting events--not place a bet. We had no strong leans on Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Celtics and Lakers, so we decided to sit back and enjoy some quality basketball.

Just because there wasn't a Free NBA Pick, though, doesn't mean that we didn't bet at all today. In fact, we focused on the MLB and played all four games from our new system. The results: a profitable 3-1 day.

The Rangers (+106) topped the Royals, the Rockies (-177) edged the Giants, and the Blue Jays (-180) took care of the Mariners, improving this new system to 7-4 after a couple of rough games yesterday.

Our regular Free MLB Pick system was uncharacteristically hovering around .500 to start the year, and while we plan on playing some of those games in the future, we are sticking with this new system geared toward home favorites and pitching match-ups.