Brewers Make New System a Success!

Our first play with the new system is a success!

The Milwaukee Brewers took care of the Arizona Diamondbacks at home tonight, 4-3, to give us a much needed Free MLB Pick win. The Brewers fought back from a 3-1 defecit, and a solo shot by Prince Fielder eventually gave them--and more importantly, us--the victory.

As we mentioned in the previous post, as well as over at The Bucky Channel, the Brewers are now 7-1 in their last eight games and the unders in Brewer games are also 7-1 in their last eight. We probably wouldn't be paying so much attention to these trends if not for our new partnership with those Wisconsinites, and since they're making us money, we ought to thank them for teaming up with us. (Sorry, was that too cheesey?)

We will be using this system for the time being while we tweak our old one, and if it continues to produce winners, we could eventually use both systems. Which means, of course, more picks!