Check Please!

As you've probably noticed, we use Google ads on our site as part of Google's Adsense program. We do this for two main reasons. First, the links are always relevent in relation to our content, so oftentimes we get advertisements for other free sports or stocks insight that our readers might find helpful to them. Secondly, it brings a little bit of extra cash our way, just in case any of the Lakers' players fall asleep on the court in one of the biggest games of their lives, hypothetically of course.

Recently, though, we came across a photo of this check that an Adsense user received for just one month. We can assure you that our checks look nothing like that.

The photo, as the not-so-subtle watermark suggests, is from, and yes, that says $132,994.97. For one month! Anyway, we just thought we'd share and dispel the notion that we are making anything even close to that amount, since we're sure many of you were curious.