Bet Favre

We've stayed away from covering any Brett Favre news this off-season, and are probably the only ones to be able to claim as much, but we're breaking our silence now.

Why? To review some Favre-related prop bets offered earlier in the season. Here are a few props offered by BetUS back on July 9, courtesy of Doc's Sports.

Favre to start a game for the Packers in 08/09 Regular Season
Yes 10/11
No 10/11

Lemmy says: With the Packers now talking to the Jets and Buccaneers about a possible trade, it looks like No will be the winning bet.

Odds that he un-retires and plays next season:

Lemmy says: If you didn't buy Favre's tears at his retirement press conference, you'll be able to buy five times as much of whatever you want by taking this bet.

Odds on which team Favre would return to:
1/10 Green Bay
5/1 Any Other

Lemmy says: Once again, bookies were not expecting a trade scenario, which now seems likely. Though this story has gotten pretty annoying, it's also very dramatic and interesting--and really, it's only just beginning.