With the NFL regular season right around the corner, we've been keeping our eye on some of the intriguing headlines around the league.

As we mentioned earlier this week about the NBA, its important to keep tabs on the off-season moves if you really want to be able to pick winners.

The biggest stories of the off-season went something like this:

1. Brett Favre retires from Packers
2. Brett Favre un-retires
3. Brett Favre gets traded to the Jets

The Jets are easily a much better team with Favre at the helm as opposed to Chad Pennington (as are the Dolphins with Pennington), but the biggest surprise might be how little Favre's retirement/tantrum will hur the Packers.

Not only is Aaron Rodgers filling Favre's shoes, he's also wearing his number! Of course, this was just for a drill in practice, but clearly the Packers have moved on and shouldn't expect much of a drop off, if any, this season.

Make sure to continue keeping up to date on the roster moves and injuries in the NFL to ensure that you're fully prepared for the upcoming season. Or just blindly tail us for winner after winner after winner...

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