Balogh Gets Chopped From Bears

Back in April, we mentioned the free agent signing of former Montana tackle Cody Balogh by the Chicago Bears. The choice was interesting to us given the fact that Balogh is best remembered for throwing a nasty chop block at an opposing defensive lineman in college, and we felt compelled to let the fine readers here at Stock Lemon to protect their knees if they ever make their way into the Chicago area.

It appears now that Balogh will also be remembered for being released by the Chicago Bears.

The Bears will cut the "Balogh the belt blocker" along with many others in order to reach the 53-man roster limit. Chicago felt its young runners would benefit more from standard, legal blocking techniques to start the season, making Balogh expendable.

While it's sad to see a Stock Lemon favorite like Balogh get chopped, what goes around comes around we suppose.