Finally, a Free Stock Pick!

It's been a long time since we've rolled out a Free Stock Pick here, and for good reason. The United States economy has been less than solid recently, so you can't blame us for staying away.

However, for those of you still interested in the stock picks we (sometimes) have to offer, we have great value on our latest find.

You might have heard recently of American International Group, more commonly known by the acronym AIG. Perhaps you've also heard of the government bailout of the company and the subsequent drop in the stock from the 52-week high of $70.13 all the way down to the 52-week low of $1.25.

Clearly the company has seen better days. But those days are about to come back, and as the stock closes at an even $5, it's time to get in.

As you can see, the last couple of days have seen the stock rise back up, and it won't end there. While it won't be getting back to $70 anytime soon, it will be going up--and fast.