Huge Week For Free NCAA Football Picks

Our Free NCAA Football Picks are finally picking up some steam at 7-2 (78%) over the last three weeks, and we look to continue that success with our biggest card of the season.

So far, through nine weeks, we've played a total of 32 games. This week alone, we have nine picks.

We'll post our picks in the order of their strength according to our system, starting with the picks with the best value. The top three picks are:

Florida -6 1/2 over Georgia

TCU -14 over UNLV

Tulsa/Arkansas UNDER 76 1/2

We have six more picks to come, so stay tuned!

Paul Booth em noite de Halloween

Em noite de Halloween, nada melhor do que apreciar os trabalhos de Paul Booth, o mestre da arte negra.

Seus trabalhos obscuros são reconhecidos em todo o planeta, 100 entre 100 tatuadores reconhecem os trabalhos do mestre das tatuagens Black and Gray.

Após algumas tatuagens, ilustrações e pinturas de Paul Booth, você confere uma das poucas entrevistas (em inglês) com o artista. Você conhecerá um pouco do estúdio Last Rites, alguns trabalhos e comentários sobre Tim Kern, Ethan Morgan, Jeremiah Barba, Dan Marshal e Liorcifer, profissionais do estúdio Last Rites.

Arte de Paul Booth Arte de Paul Booth Arte de Paul Booth Arte de Paul Booth Arte de Paul Booth Arte de Paul Booth Arte de Paul Booth Arte de Paul Booth Arte de Paul Booth Arte de Paul Booth Arte de Paul Booth Arte de Paul Booth Arte de Paul Booth Arte de Paul Booth Arte de Paul Booth Arte de Paul Booth Arte de Paul Booth

A Halloween Under in the NBA

We hope you're enjoying your Halloween, and hope that we can help you enjoy it just a little bit more with a Free NBA Pick

Trail Blazers/Spurs UNDER 177 1/2

With Greg Oden out for the Blazers, and Manu Ginobili out a while for the Spurs, neither team is where they want to be offensively. We expect a lot of defense out of Tim Duncan and the veteran spurs, while Brandon Roy and the Blazers might stall a bit offensively.

Good luck and enjoy this Halloween treat!

Sexy back tatoo- henna tattoo designs for girls

Sexy back tatoo- henna tattoo designs for girls
Women inthe beach: Henna Tattoo on The Back,

Happy Halloween!

Lemmy would like to take this time to wish all of his readers a Happy Halloween!

As always, no candy is sweeter than Stock Lemon, your main squeeze for stocks and sports wagers.

Here's to hoping that you'll stuff your faces full of candy like we stuff your pockets full of money. We promise more treats than tricks.

Bite Size: How to Make Money on Adsense

You may have noticed that we here at Stock Lemon use Google Adsense as a source of revenue. We've tried to tone it down a little over the last few months--again, a little--but they are still obvious enough for people to see.

You also might remember, some time ago, we partnered up with the folks at Cash Shark. Cash Shark orginally had a website to assist people in making money online, but is holding out on some of the information garnered over the years while they work on a more efficient web site. For now, anyway, we are fortunate enough to have Cash Shark at our disposal to talk about all topics related to online money making.

Cash Shark will be penning a new column for Stock Lemon every so often, titled Bite Size, since they once had an entire website and now are reduced to a small column over here.

Can you guess what the first topic is? That's right... Adsense! Since Adsense is a product that we use and endorse, we thought it would be a perfect first subject for Cash Shark. So without further adu, here are some of what Cash Shark is biting on.

Welcome to our shark tank, ladies and gentlemen, located conveniently on the Stock Lemon website. As the intro says, we're here to talk Adsense--but mostly to tell you about one of the things that bugs us not with Adsense users, but with Adsense bloggers!

For most new bloggers looking to find out more information on Adsense or other easy ways to make money through advertising on their site, a simple Google search qualifies as their research. This is fine, but many of the sites that pop up in the search results are bloggers simply looking for traffic to their own Adsense site, and providing little to no information to people actually looking for ways to make a little spare cash with the program.

Many of the pages that pop up give generic information about Adsense, and then tell you to buy their book or other product to learn more. Just to let you know, buying these products is like taking a dip with the Cash Shark... you're going to get bit! These sites are a total rip off, as we hope the fine readers at Stock Lemon know (we wouldn't want Lemmy getting duped into buying something like this).

The problem is that these people providing answers are hosting their sites for the sole purpose of making money with Google Adsense, so their content is always vague enough so that search engines can hook them up with traffic for searches such as "How to Make Money on Adsense." While there are some legitimate Adsense help sites out there, many of them are looking out for themselves, not the readers. We recommend checking out an Adsense forum such as this one, and getting information from other Adsense users who don't have a hidden agenda.

While some people make good money on Adsense simply by talking about Adsense, many more people fail doing this. The bottom line is if the content on the site is not updated regularly and is not of a high quality, nobody is going to come to your site. The key is to find some other niche market that you're interested in, blog about that, and Adsense will give you ads related to the content on your site. If you're the blogging world simply to make money, it's going to become like everything else you do just to make money-- a job. If you're in it to blog about something that interests you, and have Adsense to make a little spare cash on the side, you'll have much more success.

Take Stock Lemon here, for example. This is a site about sports and stocks, which also happens to host Adsense advertisements, and while we would guess that the monthly Adsense checks don't look quite this big, they do well enough to generate some extra revenue for other areas of their company. We've also heard that Stock Lemon saves up the money they make on Adsense and wagers it all on Super Bowl Prop bets to close out the NFL season with a bang. Whatever you do with your Adsense money, the bottom line is that you will be much more successful and for a longer period of time if you simply write about something that interests you and have the Adsense come secondary. Before you know it, what is secondary might even become primary, and you can spend less and less time on your blog.

Be warned, though, that generated traffic to a blog, no matter what the topic, is hard work. Some of the sites that pop up in the search engines might have you believe otherwise, but this is no get rich quick kind of thing. That hard work, though, if used correctly, can be very profitable in the end. Speaking of the end, we'll conclude our new Bite Size feature with a corny little gambling joke we've always liked.

What kind of a shark is always gambling?

A Cardshark! We would also accept the answer: a Cash Shark. See you soon!

Cash Shark will swim ashore to Stock Lemon from time to time, so be sure to keep watch for Bite Size!

Free MLB Picks Go 2-0 On Monday/Wednesday

It took about 50 hours, but our final two Free MLB Picks of the year both came out victorious.

Brad Lidge, as he's done all year, closed out the Phillies 4-3 win in Game Five over the Rays to become World Series champions. More importantly, Lidge and company helped us go 2-0 on the final night(s) of the MLB season.

Not only did we have the Phillies money line, but we also had the UNDER 7 1/2. These wins let us go out on a positive note in the MLB, after an up and down season for our Free MLB Picks.

We're already looking forward to Spring Training.

Minha Tattoo 76, Danilo Cabral

Danilo criou e fez sua primeira tatuagem em busca de proteção. Confira as três fotos e história de sua tattoo.

"Opa, meu nome é Danilo tenho 18 anos e essa é minha primeira tattoo, uma mandala de proteção (na batata da perna). Esse desenho fui eu quem criei quando tinha 17 anos e tatuei com 18 as inscrições. Estão em hebraico e significam "ADONAI (senhor meu deus) MAS ME LIVRAI DE TODOS OS MALES AMEM" ainda falta pintar e colocar o simbolo "hom" no centro, mas ficou bem legal!!! Tatuei no Junior do estúdio Rinsing Force que fica na barra funda em São Paulo."

Danilo Cabral

Participe do quadro Minha Tattoo.

The NBA is Back!

Our Free NBA Picks went 40-20 last year, which is 67%, and we hope to continue that success this year. These picks are our bread and butter, and we're excited to have them back for the 2008-09 season.

It all starts tonight with an over/under.

Cleveland Cavaliers/Boston Celtics OVER 179 1/2

We like LeBron James and the Cavs to get in a shootout with the defending champs tonight. Though the Celtics won the NBA Finals last year with defense, it's opening day so we expect some sloppiness on that end, and our numbers agree.

Get it now before the line jumps up!

Good luck!

Exposição de fotos com membros de gangues tatuados

Integrantes de gangues da África do Sul e suas tatuagens, compõe a exposição Life After da artista Aramita de Clermont. A britânica de 37 anos, fotografou por mais um mês os corpos ilustrados de membros de gangues da Cidade do Cabo. Grande parte das tatuagens foram realizadas enquanto os integrantes estavam no presídio.

As obras estão em exposição de 1 de Setembro a 1 de Novembro, na galeria João Ferreira, estabelecida em Cape Town, África do Sul. Trata-se de uma das principais galerias destinadas à exposição de obras de artistas contemporâneos. Após a África do Sul, as obras seguem para Berlim.

As histórias de Danny, Frank, Martin, Stranger, Tamatie, Omar, Lewis e outros integrantes de gangues, podem ser conferidas no site da BBC.

Galeria João Ferreira Membro de gangue africana tatuado Membro de gangue africana tatuado Membro de gangue africana tatuado Membro de gangue africana tatuado Membro de gangue africana tatuado Membro de gangue africana tatuado Membro de gangue africana tatuado

Monday Night Split, World Series Quit

In football, the Titans beat the Colts tonight 31-21, unfortunately going over the 40-point mark. Fortunately, we were able to determine, based on our Free NFL Pick system, that the Titans pick did qualify and played them at -4 over the Colts to split the night 1-1.

Meanwhile, in baseball, our last two Free MLB Picks of the year are still our last two Free MLB Picks of the year... we just don't know the results.

As you can see by the above photo of Jimmy Rollins and B.J. Upton late in the game, neither the Rays or Phillies will continue playing in the rain tonight, as they take a 2-2 tie headed into a time and date to be determined.

So, stay tuned to a time unknown.

Last Free MLB Picks of the Year

They've been extremely hot, extremely cold, and extremely streaky, and tonight, they'll be done for the year. Extremely.

Our Free MLB Picks conclude tonight with two plays in what should be the last game of the World Series.

Philadelphia Phillies ML -177 over the Rays

Phillies/Rays UNDER 7 1/2

Ryan Howard and the Phils will bring the city its first championship since 1980, and with Cole Hamels on the mound, they won't need many runs to do it. We like the Phils and the under.

The countdown to the 2009 MLB season will begin shortly.

Good luck!

Surprise Monday Night Football Pick

In a game featuring Peyton Manning and the high-scoring Colts offense, one would think an over/under of 41 applies just to Indianapolis.

That's not the case tonight, as the over/under for both teams, combined, is just 41 points. What's even more surprising is that our system shows the under.

Indianapolis Colts/Tennessee Titans UNDER 41

The suffocating Titans D, led by 600-pound Albert Hayneswoth on the line, is a big reason for this under, which is low for a reason. Our Free NFL Picks system also shows a small lean on the Titans -4, but we're passing on that--for now--because it isn't a strong enough play. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: We have determined that the Titans -4 over the Colts does indeed have sufficient value to qualify as a Free NFL Pick. Get on it if you still can, although we realize kickoff is in less than 15 minutes. We apologize for the late update.

O mitológico Unicórnio em tatuagens

Desenho de Unicórnio"Unicórnio, ou licórnio, é um animal mitológico que tem a forma de um cavalo, geralmente branco, com um único chifre em espiral. Sua imagem está associada à pureza e à força. Segundo as narrativas são seres dóceis; porém são as mulheres virgens que têm mais facilidade para tocá-los.

Considerado um equino fabuloso benéfico, com um grande corno na cabeça, o unicórnio entra nos bestiários em associação à virgindade, já que o mito compreende que o único ser capaz de domar um unicórnio é uma donzela pura."

Fonte: Wikipédia

Confira abaixo 16 tatuagens de unicórnios, fantásticos seres mitológicos que vez ou outra, habitam os estúdios de tatuagem. As últimas três fotos foram selecionadas para um início de semana bem humorado.

Unicórnio branco
Unicórnio rosa
Unicórnio cospindo fogo
Unicórnio em volta do umbigo
Unicórnio com sol
Unicórnio de crina azul
Unicórnio branco no pescoço
Unicórnio nas costas
Unicórnio com tribal
Unicórnio Old School
Casal com Unicórnios tatuados
Unicórnio e arco íris
O reprodutor
O amor é cego
Tirem as crianças da sala