3-1 Day Keeps Free NCAA Football Picks Hot

Our Free NCAA Football Picks have finally started living up to expectations. After struggling through the beginning of the year, our picks were just 14-14 coming into today. After a solid 3-1 day today, our picks are now 17-15, which is definitely a step in the right direction.

Chase Daniel threw five touchdowns as Missouri trampled Colorado 58-0 to cover the -23 point spread, Rice beat down Tulane 42-17, covering the +3 spread, and California edged UCLA 41-20 to cover a -17 spread.

Now that we're finally back over the .500 hump, here's a look at how our picks have done on a week-by-week basis.

Week 1: 1-2
Week 2: 2-2
Week 3: 3-2
Week 4: 3-1
Week 5: 0-5 :(
Week 6: 1-1
Week 7: 2-1
Week 8: 2-0
Week 9: 3-1
Total: 17-15... 53%

We've improved every week since our disastrous Week 5, and we look for more positive results the rest of the way.