Advice From Brett Favre

You might have heard a little rumor earlier today that Jets QB Brett Favre contacted the Lions to dish out the goods on his former team prior to Detroit's Week 2 meeting with the Packers. What we've learned, though, is that Favre didn't stop with the Lions. In fact, he gave out plenty of advice to team's before Week 7. Here's what we've learned:

To the New Orleans Saints: I have the consecutive start streak record for quarterbacks, did you know that? Reggie Bush and Jeremy Shockey will be fine. Knee injuries and sports hernias are nothing to worry about--I'm sure they won't aggravate them. I broke me thumb once, and I played. Did I mention I have the record for most starts?

To the Dallas Cowboys: Brad Johnson's won as many Super Bowls as I have, so he must be good. Trust me, you won't need Tony Romo this week.

To the Indianapolis Colts: Look, Peyton Manning, double coverages are your friends. I've thrown so many balls in practice against this secondary, and, well, they've all been picked. But don't let that stop you from throwing to guys that are clearly covered. These safeties are a joke. By the way, if you want to miss a start at any time soon, that'd be great, because that consecutive start streak is mine!

To Stock Lemon: Take the Cowboys, Saints, and Colts this week.

So, yeah, we blame Brett Favre.