Another Batch of Free NCAA Football Picks

Last week, our Free NCAA Football Picks suffered a losing week for the first time in seven weeks. Regardless, they are hitting 65% in the last six weeks (15-8) and hopefully will remain hot closing out the season and eventually heading into bowl season. We have four picks as of right now but there could be more coming, so stay tuned.

Rutgers -18 over Army

We're banking on Scarlet prevailing in the battle of the colored Knights, although Rutgers hasn't been great this year. Then again, neither has Army. The one thing about Army, though, is that they make sure to keep their losses just close enough, so they haven't been doing too badly against the spread. Our system indicates that this is the blowout they've been waiting for.

Clemson -3 over Virginia

Clemson is simply the matter team. Definitely. Maybe. Hopefully.

Boise St. -7 over Nevada

The BCS busting Broncos will continue to screw everything up. Except this bet.

That's it for now, but there's one more game that we just have to confirm, and potentially more before kickoffs.