Free NFL Picks Get Back to 60%

After a 3-1 day, our Free NFL Picks are back up to 60%, in case you can't read the title of this post. Clearly, the picks have been solid but struggly with consistency, as our week-by-week results show. Here's how we got back up to 21-14-2 on the year:

Dolphins 17, Raiders 15 (+10 1/2)

Titans 24, Jaguars 14 (+3)

Buccaneers 19 (-4), Vikings 13

Bengals 13 (+9), Eagles 13

The Dolphins have been playing well, but for them to be double-digit favorites proved to be a stretch, even against the Raiders. The Titans made us look like idiots, but the Bucs had a field goal day against the Vikings. Meanwhile, we're happy to be a part of the first tie since 2002, especially since we were guaranteed a cover once the game headed to overtime. And here's the aforementioned weekly breakdown:

Week 1: 3-2
Week 2: 2-1
Week 3: 2-1
Week 4: 2-1
Week 5: 0-0-1
Week 6: 3-0
Week 7: 0-3
Week 8: 1-2-1
Week 9: 4-0
Week 10: 1-3
Week 11: 3-1
Total: 21-14-2... 60%

It doesn't look like we have a play for tomorrow, but be sure to check back tomorrow for confirmation. And then come back all week, just to make sure we didn't have a pick. And then be sure to check back all year. Just, keep coming back, you know, to be safe. We'll try to get this thing more consistent for you.