Free Super Bowl Pick

We hope you've enjoyed our 2009 Super Bowl 43 Prop Bet Spectacular, as it has been fun for us. All of those prop bets can be found on the upper right hand side of this very page, so check them out if you missed them. 

Now, though, it's time to pick the actual game. So, without further ado, here is our Free Super Bowl Pick. 

Cardinals +7 over the Steelers

Maybe the Cards won't win it, but they'll certainly be in it. The Super Bowl in recent years has become a very hard fought game, and it's now rare to find a complete mismatch, even if it looks like it should be on paper.

Just ask people who thought the Patriots would kill the Giants last year. 

People like us. 

Everybody knows about the Cardinals explosive offense, but we think the defense will make the difference for Arizona. 

Karlos Dansby. Adrian Wilson. Bertrand Berry. This is a very underrated group that has come into its own a bit in the playoffs. Ben Roethlisberger, even without the injuries he carries into the game, will have a hard time with this unit. 

We're not ready to pick the Cardinals straight up, but we certainly like taking them with seven points in their favor. 

So, despite our website's color layout suggesting that we might like the Steelers, we think we're playing our Cards right by backing Arizona.