That's More Like It

If you only check our picks on Saturday, you probably had a bad week.

If you only check our picks on Sunday, you probably had a good week.

If you checked our picks on both Saturday and Sunday, you probably fall somewhere in between.

Lastly, if don't check our picks at all, what are you thinking? And how did you get here?

Our Free NFL Picks went 0-2 on Saturday but rebounded nicely with a 2-0 day on Sunday. The Eagles beat the Vikings, 26-14, while the Ravens took care of the Dolphins, 27-9. Both teams covered -3 spread on the road in the process.

So, all in all, our Wildcard picks ended up at an unimpressive 2-2. Be sure to check back next weekend for more NFL playoff action, and of course, check us out in between weekends as well.