Vegas Watch Makes Amends

You might remember back when we were handing out a few Lemmy Awards that one winner in particular was not very fond of us.

As we explained, prior to the awards "ceremony," we had been searching around some of the quality sports betting blogs we were aware of and requesting simple link exchanges with the authors of said blogs.

One of these blogs, Vegas Watch, was not about to lead to the detriment of the internet by posting a link to Stock Lemon on their site.

We had the following heated e-mail exchange with the site, as we posted with the Lemmy Awards:

We later asked him again about including us in his blogroll, to which he

Quality of the content isn't close to being high enough.

When we told him that other links on his blogroll haven't even been
updated in months, he shot back:

I am glad you're policing my blogroll. Fantastic. I have no further

Well, the blogroll police did a strip search of Vegas Watch and found that, likely after much deliberation, Vegas Watch has indeed included a link to Stock Lemon on their blogroll--with a catch. The Stock Lemon link appears not under the "Daily Reading" or "Resources" or even "Blogroll" sections, but under the title "Fades."

At the end of the day, we probably had that coming. With a horrible start for our Free NBA Picks forcing us to sideline them for now after--and you can check the previous posts on this one--a 67% season last year and our Free NFL Picks and Free NCAA Football Picks hovering around the mid 50% range, our picks haven't been as good as we'd like lately.

Still, we would hardly consider them to be worthy of fading, by any standard. Additionally, there are a few other curious links featured under the "Fades" section. Though, as The Money Line Journal will occassionaly and hilariously point out, the Covers forums feature their fair share of dopes, there are some decent cappers on the boards, as is true with a lot of internet message boards.

More surprising, in our minds, is the inclusion of Picks That Cover on the blacklist. While the picks are just under 50% so far, the analysis is certainly there, and we're proud to host Picks That Cover under our Lemmy's Friends section on the right hand side of the page. To us, it seems like Vegas Watch is simlpy anti-anyone who hasn't been around for three years. We can only wonder what simple friendly request Picks That Cover asked of Vegas Watch to get on their bad side.

Nevertheless, rules are rules, and since Vegas Watch went ahead and put a link to Stock Lemon up on their site, we'll do the same for them. Though the relationship might not be the most friendly, you can now find a link to Vegas Watch in the Lemmy's Friends section.