Super Bowl XLIII Prop Bet Results

We rolled out plenty of prop bets for Super Bowl XLIII, offering our take on most, while merely giving you the information you needed to make your own informed wager on others.

Since there was no review on Kurt Warner's tuck-rule style fumble, the game is officially over. The result: Steelers 27, Cardinals 23.

If you've been following us the last couple weeks, though, that's not the result you're most intrested. You're more interested in the results of all these proposition bets we made, and we won't deny you those. Here's a recap of all of our Super Bowl 43 prop bet posts.

Our first post introduced you to the many prop bets available, and while we listed many of the fun props that make Super Bowl prop betting what it is, the post really didn't tell you anything new. So, we didn't lose any bets from that post. Hooray.

Our next post gave some background info on the ever important coin toss, which the NFC won for a near impossible twelth straight year. The Steelers called heads and the result was tails, leading the Cards to win the toss and defer. Again, though, no bets made.

Finally, we actually gave our input on a prop bet, strongly suggesting the over for Jennifer Hudson's National Anthem, originally set at 1 minute 54 seconds. When the prop was immediately bumped up to 2 minutes 1 second following our Youtube research, we weren't so sure. Turns out, Hudson ended up at about 2 minutes 13 seconds, even if she lip-synced. We'll chalk this up as our first prop bet victory. (1-0)

Next up: the Gatorade Shower. Mike Tomlin got a bucket full of lemon-lime (or yellow) Gatorade (or G). If you recall, we advised either clear/water or, at 3/1 odds, yellow Gatorade. Since yellow was the color liquid dumped on the winning coach of the NFC and AFC Championships, it seemed like a good bet. We'll give ourselves credit for this one. (2-0)

We then examined the likely color of Bill Bidwell's bow tie, finding red to be the most likely option, though to our knowledge, he was either not shown or not wearing a bow tie. So call it a... tie.

Lastly, we bet that the game's MVP would thank God following the game. MVP Santonio Holmes really didn't thank anyone until he thanked the interviewer, Dan Patrick, before holding up the trophy and yelling, "This is for you, Pittsburgh." More like pushburgh, since there's no action on this prop.

So, really, we went just 2-0 on some of these fun and crazy Super Bowl prop bets. We'll review the player props momentarily.