Ana Velho, primeira tatuadora do Brasil na convenção de Santos

Ana Velho, primeira tatuadora do Brasil, participará da 1ª TattooGirls, convenção de tatuagens realizada em Santos dedicada às tatuadoras de todo o Brasil.

A tatuadora dirigiu a primeira loja de tattoo moderna na capital carioca. A loja foi aberta em 1980 e situava estratégicamente a galeria da rua Visconde de Pirajá. Ana Velho escreve assim, seu nome na história da tatuagem brasileira. Para conhecerem a tatuadora e seus trabalhos, visite a 1ª TattooGirls. Se tiverem mais informações sobre Ana Velho, por favor, deixem comentários.

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dragonfly tattoo pictures

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dragonfly tattoo
Dragonflies typically range between a few inches long up to 7 inches long. The longest species of dragonflies in the world live in Hawaii and can get up to 7 and a ½ inches in length. Dragonflies have two large semi translucent wings that help them fly. They often live anywhere from 6 months all the way up to 7 years which is very old for the insect world.
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Dragonfly Tattoo Designs
 Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

What Hairstyles And Headpieces Do Celebrities Prefer Today? Hair Fashion Tendencies.

What hairstyles and headpieces are in fashion thie season know our celebrities. They do their best to show you how to look fashionable this season spring - summer 2009. What the gallery below and try to study the lesson!


Jennifer Lopez and Dita VonTeese go undercover in chic misterious tulle veils that give a nod to silver screen sirens of the '50s. It's very nice accessoty if you don't like to do make-up! :)

Proving that great minds think alike, Madonna and Lindsay Lohan arrived at the Filth and Wisdom screening in N.Y.C. earlier this week in matching crimped dos. Honestly speaking, crimped hair is an old Madonna's trend.

The headband trend is here to stay for a long time, and Miley Cyrus and Carrie Underwood showed off its latest incarnation – slipping a band on top of their long bangs. Last 2 seasons hippie style is very popular.

Eva Longoria Parker and Maria Menounos went for retro glamour by amping up the volume of their bobs what is in style of 50's. Very fashionable look!

Flipping their long brown locks over one shoulder, Katharine McPhee and Jessica Alba offered a new take on letting their hair down. Very womanlike trend.

Beyoncé and Eva Mendes are bringing back the '50s, glamming up with the decade's most iconic hairslyle.

Leave it to fashionistas Sienna Miller and Sarah Jessica Parker to add a little elegance to their look with buns fit for pirouetting.

Giving a new meaning to feathered hair, Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson pulled back their retro curls with womanlike plume barrettes.

Tatuagem japonesa, "Sabado" em passagem pelo Brasil

De 3 à 14 de Junho o estúdio Iritsu Tattoo Shop receberá o tatuador "Sabado", proprietário do Eccentric Tattoo. Uma grande oportunidade para os fãs brasileiros agendarem um horário para fazerem suas tattoos e conferirem de perto o trabalho de Sabado.

Para agendar seu horário
Endereço: Rua Cardeal Arcoverde, 520, Pinheiros - SP
Telefone: 55 11 38912553

Tatuagens de Sabado - Eccentric Tattoo

Para conhecer mais trabalhos do tatuador japonês Sabado, visite o site do estúdio.

Some MLB Futures to Ponder

We were looking at some MLB Futures today and saw a couple of frontrunners at decent value. 

As many of you know, since Jenn Sterger became a fan of our Stock Lemon Facebook page, we try tie her in to anything and everything that we do that can even remotely be traced to her, hence the picture of her wearing a Cubs hat. 

This, of course, ties in to this particular post because we really see value in the Cubs odds to win the NL Central. 1/2 odds don't seem like a great value now, but come July you'll be glad you got on the Cubs when you did. 

With the Brewers (11/2) likely to fall from the high brought on by last year's Wild Card appearance, we see the Cardinals (3/1) as the only real threat for the NL Central crown. In the end, the Cubs are just too good to let either of these teams take the division. We're not saying they'll win it all this year, in fact we'd strongly persuade you not to make a bet that crazy, but the division should be all theirs. 

Meanwhile, the AL East appeals to us as well. The division boasts the three headed monster that is the Red Sox (7/5), Rays (5/1), and Yankees (6/5). After being the odd team out last year, the Yankees made some major free agent upgrades--and for once spent their money wisely. We like the Yankees to get back to the playoffs via the division crown. 

We don't have a system to support us in these predictions, just, we think, a little common sense.  

Autorizaria seu filho menor de idade a tatuar-se, se ele tivesse entre 16 e 18 anos?

Chegamos ao fim de nossa oitava enquete onde questionamos se os leitores autorizariam seus filhos menores de a idade a tatuarem-se, caso eles tivessem entre 16 e 18 anos.

Somaram-se 2951 votos, para respostas de Sim ou Não. Confira o resultado da enquete e deixe um comentário com sua opinião:

Autorizaria seu filho menor de idade a tatuar-se, se ele tivesse entre 16 e 18 anos?

Sim: 2264 votos (76%)
Não: 687 votos (23%)

Na próxima enquete, saberemos o que não pode faltar em uma convenção de tatuagem. Participe!

1ª TattooGirls, Convenção de tatuadoras em Santos

A cidade de Santos, berço da tatuagem brasileira, sediará a primeira convenção de tatuagem brasileira dedicada às tatuadoras, a 1ª TattooGirls. A idéia do evento é apresentar ao mercado e público brasileiro, o talento das tatuadoras de nosso país. Anna Idza e Danielle Perrone já são presenças garantidas na convenção que pretende reunir grandes tatuadoras de todo o Brasil.

Observações importantes

1. Homens também podem participar do evento, entretanto o estande do tatuador deve haver uma quantidade equivalente ou superior de tatuadoras.
2. Serão destinadas duas categorias aos tatuadores: Melhor Pinup e Mulher Brasileira (criada em homenagem à convenção).
3. Stands de vendas não terão número restrito de tatuadores ou tatuadoras.

Palestras e Workshop

- Palestras de Biossegurança, Prevenção de DST´s, Como reconhecer o cancer de pele e Como administrar estúdios de tatuagem.
- Workshop de desenho com Alexandre Dallier.

Necessário inscrição antecipada para o workshop e paletras.


Art Fusion, mostra de curta metragem, palestras, workshops, área multimídia, exposições de fotos, shows, DJs, sorteio de tatuagens e o “Pinup Express”, espaço para as visitantes da convenção receberem maquiagem e produção de cabelo gratuitamente.


- Melhor decoração de estande
- Melhor série de desenhos
- Concurso de tatuagens (criadas por tatuadoras participantes)
- Concurso de Melhores Pinups e Mulher Brasileira (criadas por tatuadores participantes)

Outras informações

Data: 16, 17 e 19 de Julho de 2009
Horário: das 14 às 23 Horas
Local: Clube Regatas Saldanha da Gama, Av. Alm Saldanha Gama, número 44, Ponta da Praia - Santos, SP
Entrada: R$ 10,00 Menores de 16 anos acompanhados pelos pais
Telefones: (13) 32221128 - (13) 78053272 NEXTEL 85*3887
Fax:(13) 33021124
Preço do estande: Stand simples - 3x2 R$ 850,00 reservas
E-mails: / credenciamento@rcmdecarvalho
Organização: Mallu Santos
Realização: RCM Eventos
Apoio: Tattoo Shopping, SA Tattoo
Site oficial:

Fotos do local

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Fredson, tatuador em Aracajú

Fredson é natural de Salvador mas seu estúdio fredson tattoo art's localiza-se em Aracajú, Sergipe. Confira algumas tatuagens realizadas por Fredson.

Telefones:(79)3236-6297 / 3043-6164 - 8818-7180

Keeping, Dropping or Changing Your Comprehensive or Collision Coverage

Managing the cost of your insurance car insurance northern ireland, for example) can be as simple as answering a few simple questions. Here's a short discussion that will walk you through the process of deciding to keep, drop or to change (different deductible) your comprehensive and/or collision coverages in your car insurance policy. First we need to do a very short 'inventory.'

Insurance is simply the management of risk. Owning and driving an automobile is a risk. You risk injury, loss of your vehicle, and potential liability for damage to others. The purchase of insurance is merely an agreement with the company to transfer some of your risk to them. You are saying, "I choose not to assume all of this risk myself. In exchange for my premium dollars, the insurance company will suffer some of the financial loss instead of me." With this thought in mind, you must decide how much risk to transfer and in doing so, decide how much risk you are willing to keep yourself in the from of deductibles and unpurchased coverages.
Before we can get to ways to save money on your premium, you need to take a short inventory of your financial picture. Before you get to deciding whether to take a $100 or a $500 deductible on your collision coverage you first need to decide that you can reasonably handle a $500 loss. So before we jump into any tricks of the trade, lets take a moment to diagnose your "loss threshold."
Lets say you go out and buy a $3 picture to hang in your bathroom. Are you going to insure it? Of course not! Now you go out and buy a famous $252,000 masterpiece painting. Are you going to insure it? Unless you are a multi-millionaire, you certainly will. Somewhere in between the $3 print and the $252,000 masterpiece is your loss threshold. Your loss threshold is the amount of money you can stand to lose without doing any great harm to your daily lifestyle or your peace-of-mind. In the above example, different people will have different thresholds. There is no right or wrong answer here!
In addition to settling on your personal loss threshold, it is important to consider your previous history of insurance losses. If you have had several losses in the last 10 years, you may be wise to lean more heavily on your insurance coverage. If, on the other hand, you go almost forever between losses, you will save premium dollars by assuming more of the risk yourself in the form of higher deductibles or dropped coverages. Now, if assuming this extra risk is going to give you some sleepless nights and make you a nervous wreck every time you get into your car, then don't do it! Part of what you buy in the purchase of insurance is peace of mind.
What matters most is where you are comfortable. Take a moment to apply a value to your "Loss Threshold." Try thinking in terms of $50, $100, $250, $500, and $1000. How much money can you, with peace of mind, place at risk? As you will see below, once you determine your Loss Threshold, you need only to weigh the cost of the coverage versus the potential for loss to you. Insurance can be a reasonably simple commodity to manage.


So you have been driving "Old Betsy" now ever since Noah was working on his boat. To you, its worth every bit of what you may have paid for it way back when but to another car buyer, its just an old bucket of bolts, rubber, faded upholstery. Unfortunately, the insurance company views your precious 4-wheeled family member with the same cold business approach as a prospective buyer. Its only worth...well, its worth a lot less than you would hope.
There comes a time in the life of almost every car when its value does not warrant the cost of collision coverage any longer. Collision coverage is that portion of your insurance that pays to fix damage to your car suffered by a collision. You will need this coverage for your car when you are in an accident that is your fault or if your car is the victim of a Hit & Run accident. Looking back to your Financial Picture we discussed above, compare the cost of your coverage with the potential for loss.
In discussions with your agent or by examining your renewal bill, identify the annual cost of your collision coverage. By looking in the newspaper or car-trading publications, determine the actual retail value of your car. Be careful to be objective here and remove whatever emotional attachment you may have to your car that might unrealistically increase its perceived value.

Let's say that the real value of your car is $1200 and the annual cost of just your collision coverage with a $100 deductible is $150. Now here are the Test Questions:
  1. Can I afford to withstand this loss without any help from the insurance company? (in this case $1200)
  2. Would I rather save $XX (in this case $150) every year and risk the loss of the car myself? By not getting this coverage I am saving $XX ($150) per year. I will save enough to make up the loss ($1200) in Y (8) years. (1200 ÷ 150 = 8)
  3. Does my driving and claim history lead me to believe that I might go Y (8) years without suffering that sort of loss?
If the answers to these questions are yes, then you might be well on your way to cutting your insurance costs by dropping your collision coverage. These simple Test Questions can be applied to virtually any insurance-buying decision. Take a look at the next example.


Comprehensive coverage like collision coverage is designed to protect your car from loss. Much of the same logic that we applied to collision coverage can be used to decide on the fate of your comprehensive coverage. There are, however some important considerations to weigh in your analysis.
Comprehensive coverage covers almost anything that happens to your car except collision. The most commonly submitted claims are broken windshields, stolen hub caps, stolen stereos, vandalism and theft of the entire vehicle. Note here that many of these losses produce the same amount of financial loss regardless of the value of the car. It costs virtually the same to replace a windshield in a 75 Ford as it does in an 85 Ford. Consider also that the cost of comprehensive coverage is much less than collision coverage. The ratio between money saved and dollars put at risk is smaller and therefore you may be less eager to drop this coverage. Ask yourself the Test Questions that we did for collision coverage and make an informed decision.
If your vehicle is financed or leased, always remember to check with your financial institution before changing these coverages. Your loan contract may have certain requirements and deductible limitations that somewhat restrict your options.


If deleting collision and comprehensive coverage puts you at greater risk than you are willing to assume at this time, you may want to consider increasing your deductibles as a compromise. As you increase your deductibles you decrease your premium. The insurance company is going to give you a break on your premium here for two reasons. First, when you have a loss, the insurance company will pay you less money when you have a higher deductible. Secondly, with a higher deductible, you will have fewer claims that are presented to the insurance company in excess of your deductible.
When you take a higher deductible you are saying that you, for the consideration of a lower premium are willing to assume a greater portion of the loss yourself. You trade the certainty of a lower premium for the uncertainty of more loss to you should a claim occur.
If you have decided in your Financial Picture that you are comfortable with a $500 loss (and the premium savings is enough) and you own a car worth $3000 then you probably do not want to drop your collision coverage completely. But you can increase your $100 collision deductible to $500 and your zero comprehensive deductible to $100. Let's examine the numbers. If you save $30 per year on your comprehensive coverage and $65 per year on your collision deductible you realize a $95 per year savings the first year and every year thereafter. You are only increasing your risk by $100 on the comprehensive coverage and by $400 on the collision coverage. Remember you already had a $100 deductible on collision and increasing it to $500 changes your participation in the loss by $400. Again, ask yourself the same questions.
  1. Can I afford to withstand this loss (the bigger deductible) without any help from the insurance company?
  2. Would I rather save this money ($95) and risk the larger deductible loss myself? By taking this bigger deductible I am saving $95 per year. I will save enough money to make up the loss in one year for a comprehensive loss and in just over four years for a collision loss.
  3. Does my driving and claim history lead me to believe that I might go one or five years without this sort of loss?
If the answers are primarily yes then most likely an increase in deductibles is right for you.

It's a Good Life !

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OFFICE: (619) 670-1000 - FAX: (619) 670-1121
Websites: Company Site:

This post contains only a general description of coverages and is not your insurance contract. Details of coverage or limits can vary. All coverages are determined by the terms, provisions, exclusions and conditions of your policy along with any endorsements.