Basics of Interior Design into Action

Putting the Basics of Interior Design into Action

Now that you’ve learned some of the basics, let’s pull everything together.
- Repeat the main color throughout the room more than once. This attracts the eye and is the finishing touch. It might be something subtle, like a throw blanket, pillow or trim fabric on a chair.
- Add a pattern, print or texture. These offer both a visual and tactile thrill.
- Find one piece you love and display it proudly. Maybe it’s an antique bureau, a guitar mounted on the wall as art, a Tiffany lamp. Whatever it is, it will bring the room to life.
- Move items around the house. Sometimes the simplest design makeover is to try putting this over there.
- Don’t be afraid. Remember that a bad color choice can always be repainted, furniture is easily rearranged and windows are fine with curtains, shades or nothing at all.
What matters most is that you have fun making your home welcoming and comfortable.