Let the Madness Begin!

Ladies and gentlemen, March Madness has officially begun. The 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket is officially set, and as always we'll gladly serve as your home for tournament picks and betting. 

Our Free NCAA Basketball Picks are hitting 60% in 2009 and are worth checking out, so make sure to stop on by early and often as we kick off the March Madness festivities. 

Last year, we attempted to bet on every single game in the tournament, just for fun. Certainly, from a profitability standpoint, that's a bad idea. We didn't follow our system or spend nearly the same amount of time analyzing each pick, so while it was fun, it probably wasn't the greatest idea. It wasn't until we went back to our system during the Sweet 16 that our picks started winning routinely, as opposed to winning half of our selections before the Sweet 16. 

This year, we'll take a much more sane approach, and simply bet on the games that our system sees value in. We'll offer our take on some leans and other games as well, but for the most part, the amount of Free NCAA Basketball Picks will be down from last year. 

Regardless, we hope you've printed out your brackets. If not, why not go ahead and print out the official Stock Lemon Bracket, starring Lemmy and a cast of all blank ink to really make your printer happy. 

And with that, let the Madness begin!