Use of Colors and Neutrals

Understanding the Use of Colors and Neutrals

This is one of the key basics of interior design, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Any good art store will have a color wheel you can twist and turn to see examples of:

- Primary colors.
- Secondary or complementary colors.
- Tertiary colors.
The color wheel explains how to balance the use of color for what is known as a harmonious effect.
Neutrals are forms of white, black, gray and beige. Neutrals are predominately used as the foundation of a room’s scheme, but can also be the primary decoration, then accented with color.
Stores with a wall of paint swatches also have samples and guidebooks of how to blend colors and neutrals, as well as instruction cards that feature set color palettes that simplify color and neutral matching. Use these examples as shown or as inspiration for your own creations.