What to Avoid

What to Avoid While Redecorating Your Home?

Don't let others make choices for you
You should not let others make choices for your home as it is your personal space. You must also not let others tell you what you should do. You can just ask others for suggestions. When it is decision taking time, the choice must absolutely be yours.
You should not go in for painting the home first
Though you can select the paints and keep them ready, do not paint the home first. You must first decide on the upholstery, carpet, fabric etc before beginning to paint your house.
Do not select paint from a Paint Chip
You must not decide on paint color from a chip sample as the same paint may have an overpowering effect when you paint the entire wall. You can also select some portion of the color and then see how the color's effect is on the room with natural light.
Decide on colors in your home and not in a store
You must refrain from buying fabric or paint in your first visit. You can request for samples of carpet, paint etc and see how it looks like in your home in natural light and in the evening before deciding on the same.
Use the colors you like
Choose the colors you really like and that which will reflect your style and personality. You can also find a way to use the favorite colors in your house.
Colors can work wonders
You can create a relaxing environment in your house even by choosing colors such as blue and green. You can choose red and orange for family rooms where the main activities take place. According the atmosphere you want to create you can select colors in the room.
Don't Force a Color Scheme
You also need not make things to match. You can choose the color on the basis of major pieces and what you will have in the room and then repaint and co-ordinate all elements. You can put things that you do not want in another place if it doesn't match your plan.
Focal Point of Your Room is crucial
If you have a focal point in your room, make it more important. You can arrange the furniture and artwork around this important element. This is also an important part of home d├ęcor