2009 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 13-16

Everybody's mocking for the weekend! Or at least, we are, continuing our 2009 NFL Mock Draft. Not only are we working for the weekend, but we're putting in overtime. Instead of giving out the regular three picks, we're giving you our next four selections in this special Saturday edition of our mock draft. 

13. Redskins: Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU

The run on defensive ends continues with the Redskins scooping up Jackson, making him the third DE/OLB (depending on the formation) selected in-a-row. Don't tell Jackson he's the third best of the three, though. He's climbing the boards for teams that use a 3-4, but he's been playing in the 4-3 and will be a beast in either system. 

14. Saints: Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State

The first reach of the draft comes when the Saints take Beanie as the first running back off the board, though he isn't the best one in the draft. New Orleans really likes him to shore up the backfield, and Wells does fit the Saints offense very... well. Still, the Saints will try to trade down to get him if Beanie really is their guy, otherwise they might be inclined to improve on their terrible defense for once. 

15. Texans: Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State

Back-t0-back picks for THE Ohio State University, with Jenkins too talented for the Texans to pass on. He's not the fastest corner, but he's certainly one of the more physical and is always willing to make the tackle. Jenkins could easily be off the board by now, as early on with the ninth pick, but the Texans won't mind if he's still available when they're on the clock. 

16. Chargers: Rey Maualuga, LB, USC

We like the Chargers keeping Maualuga in state and bolstering an already solid defense in the process. Plain and simple: Maualuga causes headaches--and not just to the people trying to spell his name. The California native can make an immediate impact for the Bolts, who will be healthy and playing in a suddenly much easier division. We're expecting good things out of the Chargers this year, and this pick is the first of many more to come. 

Be sure to check out the first 12 picks on the upper right-hand side of this page. We'll continue to work through the weekend to hammer out the next few picks of our mock draft tomorrow. Keep checking back for the updates and we'll keep 'em coming!