2009 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 17-20

We continue to work hard during the weekend, as for the second day in a row, we're revealing the next four picks in our 2009 NFL Mock Draft, rather than just three. So go ahead, check out the other installments of our mock draft on the upper right-hand side of our site, and then check out these next four picks. 

In this edition, it's all about reaching, baby. 

17. Jets: Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State

The reaching begins with the Jets selection of Freeman. We don't think Freeman will be a bad quarterback in the league, but this pick is the definition of drafting for need. The Jets don't have a legitimate quarterback, and Freeman is available to fill that void. The Jets could make a move out of this pick to try and get one of the top two quarterbacks, but we think they'll end up sticking around and taking the player that falls to them (and would likely fall to them if they picked 15-20 spots from now). 

18. Broncos: Brian Cushing, LB, USC

Let the reaching continue! Though some might say that us calling this pick a reach is reaching on our part. A lot of people really like Cushing for his leadership and consistent play, but we're not sure his skills will translate at the NFL level. The Broncos are banking on those skills translating as they look to re-tool their defense for the 3-4. Cushing is a relatively safe pick and probably will do alright in the NFL, but we don't see a whole lot of potential or upside (terms that draft experts love to use). Depending on how much the Broncos like him, they could look at Cushing with their earlier pick in the first round--which would definitely be a reach. Either way, except defense out of the Broncos with both the 12th and 18th picks in the draft. 

19. Buccanneers: Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss

Jerry is a reach here in the draft because his position isn't all that great in this particular draft. There are about five legitimate defensive tackles available this year, and team's will be reaching for most of them. Jerry fits into the 4-3 front in Tampa, who need another inside man on the defensive side of the ball and have been said to be targeting Jerry. Jerry is a high effort guy, but he doesn't have the talent you might except from pick No. 19. 

20. Lions: Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss

Alright, this one actually isn't a reach. The only reason it might qualify as such is because it gives us back-to-back Ole Miss players selected in the draft, which is just plain crazy. Ole Miss isn't exactly known for producing NFL talent, but Oher definitely has what it takes to be a dominant left tackle in the league. The Lions will be lucky if he falls to them, as he's been mentioned as high as the top 10. If the Lions end up getting their quarterback (that one is a reach) and a left tackle for years to come, this could be a very good draft for the 0-16 club. 

We hope you enjoyed all eight of this weekend's picks, and we hope you'll stay with us throughout the week as we put the finishing touches on our 2009 NFL Mock Draft.