Free Picks Are 7-1 In Last Two Weeks

Our Free Picks remain hot, hot, hot. The last eight picks that we've made our 7-1 overall, including four straight and spanning three different sports. 

Here's the breakdown of how our picks have done:

Free NCAA Basketball Picks: 5-1
Free NBA Picks: 1-0
Free MLB Picks: 1-0

Like we said, our picks have been hot. Hopefully, we'll have more MLB and NBA picks to supplement that nice run from the NCAA Tournament. Our only loss in the last eight was a NIT pick that wasn't technically even a Free NCAA Basketball Pick, as we indicated when we posted it, but we've included it here. 

And, like we said last post, if you've been making some cash by following our picks, don't hesitate to drop us a little bonus by using the donate button on the right side of the page. So long as you have a PayPal account, you can help stimulate this rough economy by donating some of that spare change we just won you. Of course, don't expect us to do the same if our picks start going sour. 

Regardless, our picks will remian free, no matter how much success (our failure) we might have at any give time. Thanks for your continued support of Stock Lemon.