How do you Choose Colors for Decorating?

TIPS on how do you Choose Colors...

- What are your favorite colors?? Chances are good, you’ll want to decorate with those colors.
- What certain colors mean to you? Do you love red, green or do you find it a vulgar shade? What about lighter or darker shades? Would a shadowy purple be okay, or a light violet?
- What about your favorite decorating pieces. Do you have a picture or a vase you love? If so, draw colors from them.
- Use the color wheel to find colors that compliment each other and work well next to each other. - Start slow. Don’t paint your all your rooms blue and then find you hate the shade. Experiment and expect to make mistakes. Remember, most things you do can be undone....

--> Primary colors are colors that cannot be created by mixing with other colors. They are :

red, blue and yellow

--> Secondary colors are created by mixing primary colors. They are:

Orange, Yellow, Green, Violet

--> Tertiary colors are colors created by mixing a primary and secondary color. They are:

Yellow-orange , Red-orange , Red-violet , Blue-violet , Blue-green , Yellow-green